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Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am ready for sock season!
I would follow you anywhere,Cookie dear.As long as the chocolate holds out... :p No really I would stalk you wherever your blog may be.

I'm ready for sock season!! I have my usual lofty goals, but I'll be lucky to get one pair done. So I shall chose carefully!!

I'll follow, but please Typepad get your shit together because *I* don't want to move!!!

Wherever you go, there I'll be. What a lovely gift from dear Nora.

Wherever you go, there I'll be. What lovely gifts from dear Nora.

Sorry 'bout that. Typepad must hate me, too;-)

Wherever you go, whatever you do, we're gonna go through it togethhhherrrrrrrrrrrr...
Or something.
Nora better not be trying to override the hate.

I'd follow youuuuuuuu! Great package!

I love forget-me-nots!
and yes, Nora is also awesome.
in other news. looking forward to yer sock-splosion.

You know I would follow you Cookie girl. That totally sucks that they are trying crappy stuff out on you. Haven't you emailed them enuf so that they know that it sucks big time?

Hee! The stuff looks cooler at your place for some reason.

Whither thou goest, I will go, and all that. Doesn't take much to change feeds.

Just please don't go to one of those dadgum services that get persnickety about commenters who don't have accounts with them. They bite.

of course we'll follow you if you move the blog. I firmly beleive that people should do what makes them happy, you know so long as it doesn't involve hurting anyone or anything.

That Typepad person insinuated that we might be related when she finally emailed me back. We're not. Not even by marriage.

Of course we'll all follow you.

If you gave me a link to follow... I'd follow!
I promise.
(and I too wonder about WordPress.......)

I'd follow you anywhere!

well, unless you move and don't TELL me... I'm thinking you might be stuck with me following you where ever you go :^)
That Nora, what a sweetheart. That's quite the whack of happy stuff!

I would totaly come with you. I do my blog on blogger I do not know much about the differnces I am a new blogger but I love reading yours and would read it regaurdless.

Of course we'd follow! But a cautionary tale: I seem to remember certain people (groups of them) getting caught up in similar upgrade problems (and spam problems) with WordPress. Also, I've used it as a guest blogger a couple of times, and while it's easy and good-looking, it, too, had a very SLOW processor-- can't keep up with the typing speed.

I'd follow you anywhere. :D But then again, I am a bit touched.

Sock season??? I didn't realize they ever went *out* of season ;)

Just leave a trail of breadcrumbs (er link) and I'll be there!

Such a great Nora-package! You just try to shake me! Just moving to wordpress won't do it, just saying.

I think blog platforms are like political parties - they all go sour periodically, and everyone wants to jump ship to the other side who will never never disappoint them like that... until the world turns and the shoe is on the other foot. The TP upgrade is bugging me too, but I'm sure it will eventually sort itself out.

Of course I would follow you, Cookie! Enjoy your new prizes. I was going to sign up for Summer of Socks but missed it. Maybe it is not time for me to do the -along thing. I look forward to watching sock season, especially what you have to show.

Sure, I'd stalk - I mean FOLLOW - you anywhere... :)

Having the sameproblems with typepad myself - I don't wanna move! But if they don't get it right soon I may have ot consider wordpad :-(

I'd follow you even if I had to lurk in the bushes. I would do it.
That Nora is a sweetpea! But then again, so are you. But I'll keep your secret.
I have movable type and verve hosting and I have to say that I've been a happy camper. If anyone CAN be happy while sleeping on the ground outside.
But I digress.

I'm hoping Typepad gets their act together soon and you don't have to move. But I'd definitely follow you anywhere :-)

I can't believe Plus users are being treated so terribly. You're the higher paying customers right? And of course I'd follow you. I will follow! (Hear the U2 song going on?)

I'm so jealous of that great goody package you got. I adore Burt's Bees lip gloss. It's just the best. The stitch markers are really cute too.

I would totally come with. Your brand of shut up makes my day

I'll follow you anywhere. (not in the bad stalky way that sounded either)

I will follow.

JUST*DO*IT! You'll LOVE WordPress.

If Cookie hasn't emailed Typepad enough, I have! The first response I got was basically, "Sorry you're upset we suckified the Compose page but look at all the new things we added." The 2nd one said, "The first guy apologized already! We're working on it!" They removed our ability to cut and paste, for pete's sake!

Okay, going now to grumble by myself in a corner and gnaw on things. Oh, yeah, I'd stalk you, too.

Wherever you go I'll follow - but I'm scary like that :) And Wordpress rocks!

I haven't had any problems with Typepad in the past few weeks, so I cannot be of help in that corner.

Nice of Nora to send a little care package love

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