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Friday, May 30, 2008


white to pink to green?

Our hydrangea starts out purple and ends up white. Maybe it's us. Happy Friday back at ya!

A preppie hydrangea?

freak hydrangea... how cool is that? I likes.
....sigh... let's just smack this crappy old week in its arse and have a good weekend, eh? Next week... it's GOTTA be better! (I hope your headache's gone...)

It's a PeeGee Hydrangea. I think anyway, they do that color show. Or is it a freak show?

Pretty flower - sorry about your Typepad problems - hope it gets better!

Is there someone who needs smackin'? Cuz I could help you out there.

Like you would have normal flowers? PUH-leeeese. :D

TypePad will figure it out eventually. I hope. For your sake. And the general public. :D

Lace-cap hydrangeas? (just a guess) Pretty! I hope typepad gets up to speed for you and doesn't make us follow you all over the Internets.

Happy Friday, Cookie, and here's to a really nice headache-free weekend.

Cool! I LOVE hydrangeas - I was just fondling some gorgeous pink and purple ones outside a restaurant yesterday! (Doesn't the color change have to do with the acidity of the soil? Thought someone told me that. But I don't know if that accounts for one that goes through phases!)

I have a hydrangea, too, but it's not ready to bloom yet. I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

What a pretty freak. I wish all freaks were so pretty. Can ya tell I haven't had my coffee yet?

Hope you have a great weekend hon to make up for youe sucktastic week. (((hugs)))
I love hydrangeas.Can't grow them here though the soil is pretty hostile.Mostly clay.But yours is very pretty!
Happy Saturday!

They even deleted the search feature which S*U*C*S because I use mine all the time. I emailed tech and they said they will put it back but don't know when. The freaking pictures won't keep my setting so every flipping time I need to go into custom. I was very, very happy with it before they did this crap, and to think we pay for the dang thing.


Oh LOL love the flower.

Good photo! Thanks for sharing it with us, challenge notwithstanding.

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