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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Yup, glad my car is a gas sipper. I'm sure the Typepad thing will get worked out and just type slower for the meanwhile...

I;ll stalk you. I guess I already do since I don't comment much and I read all the time.

If you were to dive up the hill a bit you would see our gas at 4.25!!! that's the for cheap stuff. Stupid people are trying to hose the tourists and forget that there are people that LIVE here!

holy crapola. I think (from seeing the prices yesterday) our cheap gas is 3.69...or was...yesterday... it seems to jump 10-20 cents overnight.
Hi right back at ya,PMS... I'm so glad to no longer be a bleeding woman.
You think locked doors will do it? hah! (I didn't mean that to sound so creepy....)

I'll see your 4.15 gas (my town is 4.25 and down below is 4.01 ahahah - love you) and raise you a $631 water bill. :D Since the landlord can't fix the freakin' leakin' water heater.

The new blogging software would automatically move all your posts. pinky swears. Fur realz.

Even before I saw the picture, I had a feeling I knew exactly what you were talking about! Our prices aren't QUITE there yet--closer to $3.90 for regular--but they're getting higher all the time! Yikes.

It just ain't right you all are paying more for gas then Hawaii. Where's the logic??

Yeah ... I think I'll bike as much as I can this month and then mothball the car for July ... Oh wait, I'm losing the car for a week or so anyway so it can be repaired ... Damn crane.

You've got 20 cents more on the sign than the last sign I saw yesterday. Yikes.

Locked doors are a good idea anyway. /stalk.....like an asparagus.

Time to get a scooter, huh? We are rapidly approaching $4 a gallon ourselves. Ouch.
chief stalker xo

I don't look at the signs anymore. I was infuriated when the prices went up just in time for Memorial Day Weekend driving - rat bastards. Tomorrow is the first day of my bus adventure, since my parking was officially turned off at midnight. Hopefully the self-righteousness will help me stand comfortably on the way home.

DAMN. The DH told me yesterday that since gas really skyrocketed, there's now a waiting list to buy a Prius in some areas. Heh.

Damn - I guess I won't complain about the $3.85 I paid yesterday.

Yup, I paid 3.99 at the pump this morning. Gave me incentive to leave the air conditioning off on the way home. I've been trying that and it's had a good effect on the mileage. Then again, I'm in Vermont. And even then, we had a humidity/heat wave that came in on Saturday that made it impossible to NOT turn it on. I guess "impossible" is a relative term. But ugh.

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