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Monday, May 26, 2008


Good looking muffin - I'll bet they smell good, too! I always use paper liners. So much easier that way. Life is too short to clean all that stuff out of your muffin tins.

Agreed--paper liners were invented so we could spend more time with our muffins and less time washing dishes.

Looks yummy!

I has muffin pan trust issues too.

They is damn shifty little fuckers. o.0

*hugs on all the TypePad BS* I haven't checked it out yet. They better get it fixed if you are irritated though.

Oh and recipe? :D

Mmmm, copied that little sucker...er...recipe right out!
I baked blueberry buckle today :^)
I use the paper liners.. 99% of the time. oh yeah.
Thanks for the recipe.

My printer went into action immediately - and I just added marzipan to my grocery list for tomorrow...along with strawberries...

Oh, you are supposed to use muffin tins without those little paper cups??? Not moi...

Thanks for the website. YUM! I think I'll be trying the chipolte shrimp tomorrow. Trust is overrated?

Yumsters! Thanks for the recipe!!

This is TypePad Support testing your comments. Please feel free to delete this.

Wonderful looking muffin - makes me hungry in spite of the bowl and a half of Tortelloni Soup I just ate

Looks like TypePad Support was here - like Kilroy?

Wonderful looking muffin - makes me hungry in spite of the bowl and a half of Tortelloni Soup I just ate Count me as another one who never skips the cupcake papers.

Looks like TypePad Support was here - like Kilroy?

Oops - it stuttered - sorry!

Looks like I'm going to the grocery on the way home tomorrow for muffin ingredients. Thank you for the recipe. I always use the papers. Well, except for the large muffin tin that doesn't have any papers. Then I grease and pray....and still leave bits in the pan.

Oh that muffin looks divine!

Typepad forgot who I am!!! The nerve of them. And they sent a McGuire to test you? I thought that was my job?

Anyway, Yum! Do you think that if I put marzipan on the grocery list, they will actually find it and buy it for me?

And I use those wacky silicone muffin pans, nothing sticks.

Looks yummy...

They look good! Silicone pans are the way to go!

Yummy! I shall have to try them if ever I can get reasonable strawberries again.
And I would like to say for the record that we hates the Criminal Minds writers.

You are a bad girl. I just printed that recipe, oh no!! (that picture made me drool!)

I PDF'ed it. That looks so amazingly awesome and now I want.

Mmmmm, those sound fantastic. Gonna have to try those, strawberry season just barely started here. Actually, any occasion to eat strawberries and/or almonds is a good occasion.

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