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Saturday, May 24, 2008


come enjoy the cold in Chicago!! Hate it with me!

I think Mother Nature is a bit p.o'd at all of us right now. It's May 24 and we have not gotten past 82.

You bought a wheel?


I agree with you about typepad's photo improvements. I link to my flickr photos, so I still have to use HTML to insert photos, even with the new compose screen. So... long ago I started using Microsoft Live Writer to compose my posts. It works nicely for me. Here's a link to my post about Live Writer last year...

So glad its cooled off for all of us.Its about 87 here,very little wind and the humidity is low.So actually a pretty nice day.So we went to the movies!

Just when I was thinking of going to typepad for ease, you post your hatred about them...think I will stick with blogger.

The weather here is below the norm, but acceptable. I walked around at an outdoor fiber festival and it was comfy in capris and a 3/4 sleeve top.

Can't wait to see photos of your new love.

Oooh, you got somethin'... clouds and drizzles... what I'd give.
hmmm, a new love, what EVER could it be.......

I wish I could complain about the heat; I love the heat and we have yet to see any. I guess that's what I get for living in Maine; I need to move out there with you, or we could just trade places :-)

I always just link to my flickr photos, which is a pain, but at least they usually go where I want them. I'm not quite sure what the up is to this upgrade.

I think I'll just be quiet about how the weather in PA has been. Yeah. Don't hate me.

A new love? Hurray! Sharing? :D

I'm happy your weather is better. It is wrong to have temps over 100 degrees F in May. Just wrong.

I'm having a really hard time commenting on the blogs using the "new and improved" typepad. Ugh!

I'm having a really hard time commenting on the blogs using the "new and improved" typepad. Ugh!

See what I mean?

Glad the weather is cooling down, but hope you get some sun too! Can't wait to see your new love, and hope you are having a nice weekend!

Just thinking about 102 degree weather just about makes my head pop off, no kidding. Loving your trees and cool sky. Heat be gone. I guess we are just lucky not to have all of those tornadoes in the middle of the US, right?
I hope typepad gets their act together soon~

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