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Monday, April 07, 2008


I would go for the purple. Might help to knit with something you're not angry at. Just for fun. The red would be cool as well, definitely double it imho.
Save the pretty pink for when you're back in love again. Which should be soon. You're so monogamous with that love, this little affair to remember should put you back together.

pet the PK for me! Haven't seen her in a few days...I'll blame typepad.

"pink one"?? a nice freudian typo for you.
I am willing to put aside my differences with dave and say go with the purple.
Although I think a nice dove gray would be stunning.

You're a technological pioneer! That red yarn is so pretty (yet so tiny)...

If you'd send me your damn address, I could mail you something to knit with. Lordy. So much yarn, so few people to send it to. I can't believe I typed this many words with a carpal tunnel brace on even.

Well, even though you're ticked at pink, you started off saying you want a pink Flower Garden.

Therefore, it wouldn't make much sense to knit a purple or cobwebweight red Flower Garden. Just sayin'.

Are those short color repeats on the Cabin Cove yarn, or longer? They look longer, which may not look the best with Flower Garden, I'm thinking (see my Forest Canopy on Nora's or my blog for an example of What Not To Wear -- I'm not necessarily liking the "longer stripes going across a couple diamonds" look, whereas I think short color repeats that only lasted a diamond would look cool, as in the original Forest Canopy). But the colors are more subtle than mine, for surely.

Zephyr is so nice to knit with. That middle pink is almost orchid; kind of a cool violet pink. Would that be unpinkish enough for your mood right now, but pink enough to satisfy your ultimate desire for a Pink Flower Garden?

Only the Shadow Knows.

That red is just gorgeous! I've only seen a photo of you so I can't say for sure how it will complement your complexion but I can tell you that I look fabulous in red. ;-)

How's about something in a nice green or orange? :)

Carole got a picture! HEY! Help a stalker out! Aren't you doing Icarus in zephyr? Would that be too much? How about adding Dave to our little knit along. My flower basket is in his yarn. You will poop your pants when you see it.

Mmmm, that Zephyr is sure pretty...

What is with Stacey and poop today?

Purple. Me likey. Everyone looks good in purple. Unless you're the Grimace, which I somehow doubt.

I vote for the Cabin Cove, not because it's purple but because it's from Dave!

I love the Pink Zephyr on the cone, is it Ladyslipper? I knit my Hanging Garden Stole from it, and it's lovely.
I use Bloglines Beta too, and I thought I'd let you know that it just told me that you had 590 new posts.

I like the Cabin Cove...

Gorgeous yarn - I was going to say red, but I really like the Cabin Cove too - so I'm going to vote for it.

I have no idea what you're talking about. I use all those three, and I don't know what you mean about Bloglines trying to post in Typepad and how that could possibly eat your post. Bloglines is posting something into Typepad? Or you're using both at the same time and it does something to your post? Be zen. Do one thing at a time, for fucksake. Do your post. Keep Bloglines closed. Or something. I don't know.

I just started the Flower Basket Shawl in a red-purple sock yarn! Therefore, I vote a doubled red!

I love the purply two tone yarn.....if you look good in pink I assume you will look good in this as well. I want to knit the flower basket shawl...I have the pattern...I just haven't....maybe I will pick it up sometime....altho I still haven't finished my cardi. When I was away on vacation I forgot about it, then the van died in VA and we were stuck....I was in a rental about 100 miles away from the van when I realized...the cardi was in the back of it...grrr!!! Well hopefully I will be able to finish up soon. Love your cardi by the way!

Zephyr is pretty but I'm partial to the purple. The red is pretty but I understand the thinness issue. I don't know red from compatibility.

I have some of the red yarn in another color but I've never knit with it. I do understand how you feel about the thinness of the yarn. I think it would do well as an FBS in a smaller needle size. Say a size 1US or 2US? Since you have so much of it, the extra repeats you would need to make up for the difference in gauge/size wouldn't be an issue. OTOH, I adore Zephyr. It's just so nice to knit with.

I look forward to seeing which one you end up knitting with. :)

Cabin Cove. Go for something familiar. FBS is not a tough knit and CC is always a comfort to knit with.

Well, knitting the red up as a lacy shawl should diffuse the red color. That is, red "seen" as lace is a lot less RED than the yarn seen all together as a skein. TRY it, you'll LIKE it! VBG!

I'd go for the Cabin Cove - I think that color is awesome. But if you've always wanted a PINK flower basket shawl, then that's what you should do.

I have no opinions but I'm ready to toss out the cobweb lace yarns I have. There are no proper lace patterns for such lightweight yarn that are easily accessible and I don't have the patience to sit down and design something for them. And now they have made me cranky.

Dave yarn, definitely. Everything is better in Dave yarn. But Cheryl S has a point. (Of course, I am so anti-pink that you and I cancel each other's color opinions right out, so I will ALWAYS select not-pink. Except now that you are not-pink,the universe saw fit to make me buy pink nail polish. PINK. NAIL. POLISH. Do you KNOW what that does to my street cred?)

I will admit to being a bit biased, as I don't really even LIKE pink.....but I like the purple. It would be gorgeous:)

mmm... purple...

But in the end, the one you like best.

I'm kind of partial to the red one, but I always love red. What ever floats your boat. The purple would be my second choice.

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