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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


"the masses being the four people who read my blog"

Does that count my three personalities, all of whom read your blog at separate times?
Don't make me join another sock thing. Please don't make me. No....
Okay, fine, I signed up. Dammit. I just bought the new Cat Bordhi book and need an excuse to practice anyway.

Aw, Cookie. Why'd ya have to go and do that for, huh?

Where oh where can my sock mojo be? She said in a sing song voice. Will it return!?! THAT is the question.

I know how tall Nora is.

I was trying to figure out why I know how tall she is, and I haven't seen her in person? (Yet.)

Oh, yeah, I was quizzing her by email during the great Lace debate as to which shawl to make. Because if one is making a stole for which one may not have enough yarn, one's height comes into play.

She's just a little tall.

I keep saying I'm not a sock-knitter, but I just counted how many socks I have on the needles, and I just went to Sock Camp, and just knit two different socks without a pattern and have a fancy sock in my head I want to design. I may have to stop saying that. Last summer, I could not have imagined signing up for Summer of Socks. We'll see this year....I've got to get some of these off the needles. Or buy more needles.

hmmm... It looks like I'm #4 here... seriously though, I expected to be # 7 or 8 at which point I would've asked... 'so, what am I? chopped liver?' that good old stand by which is actually quite gross, eh?
It takes me FOREVER to knit socks anymore... ack.

hey, #4 is Cathy-Cate... hee, so, what am I, chopped liver? bye now :^D

Sheesh, I guess I don't count. Oh well... I am still reading anyways!!

Yes, I am all signed up. Of course!

I'm taller than Angie, especially when I'm wearing three-inch heels, which I was last night. (Shut up - I was in my work clothes.) Without heels, I'm the same height as Cathy-Cate. I don't know how tall Jessica is but it's probable that I am shorter than she is.

That was quite informative, wasn't it? Thank you so kindly for the birthday greetings! I have had more birthday wishes today than I have since I was in grade school and had to bring in treats for the class to get someone to say happy birthday!

I'll investigate the sock thingy. I seem to have a lot of sock yarn right now, but I don't know if it's enough for a whole summer's worth!

Ha I knew you would get sucked in by Ravelry sooner or later!

Well, I *do* have one. But I've written on it twice or something!!
hee (blush)

Hey, what's with the prejudice against tall people?! I'm 6' and proud of it! What are you, short or something?

I thought (briefly) about joining the Summer of Socks, but between a baby due in 5 weeks and a slender stash that will not be refilled any time soon, it's not gonna happen. Perhaps another time...

I might do it. I KNOW! After all of my whining last year at you not giving me notice... and now I'm not sure.

I'm such a fickle, short, skinny bitch. :D Or something.

Um ... it seems like many more then four read your blog ...

I think I will pass on Summer of Socks this summer. For some reason I never really got into it last summer despite knitting several pair.


Nora had three-inch heels on last night? I had two-heels on so I bet she's taller.

Anyway, I just joined. It's a pretty button and if I knit just one pair of socks it will have been nice to be part of the group. Thanks for the heads-up, Cookie!

Thanks for those links. I have joined up. I won't be completing anywhere near as many as most people but it will be good to take part.

I'm in SOS but there's no way I'm signing up for the most socks contest. I know my limits. ;op

I'm in, and I signed up for both contests. I don't have a prayer of winning the most socks, but as you said, just trying to be helpful.

Like Margene, I hope my sock mojo returns soon, but I did feel a brief tingling in my toes as I bought gorgeous purple sock yarn at CTSW.

Hmm, I definitely see more than 4 different people commenting.... ;-)

I think I might join. I don't know. I'm sort of socked out, but I still have a lot of socks I *want* to knit. Such indecision!

Thanks for the plug!

And just for the record, I'm 5'11". Not *that* tall. ;)

Thanks for the heads up. I signed me and a friend up. Yay! :-)

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