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Thursday, April 24, 2008


I so understand the allergy thing. Mine culminate in a month of hell in September. My sympathies are with you. The socks are gorgeous. I actually love the Noro socks, but I am bent that way.

I knew Ozzie should have given up that idol..just knew it!
Your plan should work...but I'm rather fond of mismatched socks.
Oh and I'm a flapper, too...don't hate me, K?

My nose has been leaking for about a month. It's a pain.

I'm more of and identical than fraternal knitter, myself, and a little bit of finessing will get you a blue to purple toe for sure.

Now all we are left is is caveman Jason, lief ERIKson, and James to gaze upon tonight.

I really meant cuff. Afternoon = sleepy brain.

Hmmm. Allergies seem to be under control. It's windy, though.

No allergies here to speak of, but that doesn't mean I'm not weird.

I like both pairs of socks. Even the mismatched ones - I think it's fascinating that they came out that way, actually! I thought you hated that Noro sock yarn? Or were you just trying to make me feel better about not running out and buying it?

How is it that you have them both on needles at the same time? Am I asking too many questions? Yeah, I'm shutting up.

Yeah, red and blue do not go together in that progression. Just wrong.
But I like a good heel flap. Especially if it's eye of partridge. Hoo boy.
I just commented to DH that my allergies are behaving now that the wind is gone. Not an hour after I made that comment and my left eye is itching and tearing and I should have known better than to make a comment about my damn allergies.

Nice socks! All of them...the Noro color progression has me confused too. Love the red heels.

Oh.. I have 'better weird' in my world also... there are MANY degrees of weirdness.
"One of these socks isn't like the other. One of these socks just doesn't belong." Sure, thanks, guess what little tune is going (and will continue to do so) through my addle brain? mmm hmmm...
Socks for Veronik are lovely... I need to get that issue out and look at it again.
Life may be too short for flaps but that's what I like, I figure life's too short anyway.

Good luck fixing the sock. You are right in that it is absolutely wrong!

I agree, rip out that red and let the blue flow!!

Windless???around here???never gonna happen!
I like the mismatched socks but then I'm just weird that way.Wait maybe I'm just plain weird... :p

I feel responsible for the socks. Well not both pairs, just the Noro ones. And maybe the Flower Basket too. But as for the allergies, the cat and Ozzy, I think I'm in the clear.

Yea...now that Ozzy is gone there is no real reason to watch! Like the socks!!!!!

Stupid is what Ozzy was. :D At least you can see him on the jury every week>?

I understand better weird.

Better weird makes sense in my world. Can't get over your Noro though, that would drive me insane.

Well, wierd is always relative, so that makes perfect sense.

You're still Sneaky McSneakmeister. :D Mom tried to steal the socks. I had to beat her. Thank you. They're beautiful

You're still Sneaky McSneakmeister. :D Mom tried to steal the socks. I had to beat her. Thank you. They're beautiful

I sort of LOVE the difference in the flow of the colors of the Noro socks. I do! Those green ones are yummy, too!

I like the way the Noro socks look! And as far as allergies go, at least you don't have vog or sulfur dioxide in the air!

I'm still pissed that Ozzie got voted off - however, seeing him flip the bird to those who stabbed him in the back was almost worth it. Almost. ;op

Finally catching up here, and just noted the way you began and ended this post...on the day that Emelia joined my world :) (so I'm all ego about it--to quote a favorite author of mine: "Shut Up".)

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