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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I can't imagine you nagging anyone about anything. Ever.


The t-shirt is still cute, and you're a good daughter for giving up the travel mug. Good for hot tea at cold weather events, even if you don't drink coffee!

"At your age you don't have time to explain it to her" I'll have to try that one on my mother.
I love the T shirt and I look great in red. I'm just saying.

A little bleach in the washing machine will take care of the redness of the T-shirt, ya know. Just a little bleach.
Ahhh, pink!

Good news for you that the postal worker wasn't carrying heat....

Yep, try just a little bleach...

ewww, the gum chewing issue... same with folks eating food, close your pie hole for heaven's sake... who raised these people?
Nice swag!

Great STUFF! And if anyone deserves STUFF, it's YOU! (WHY AM I SHOUTING???)

There's a guy I work with who chews gum like that. I like him, but I want to punch him in the face.
Cool stuff. What is it about other people homing in on packages and claiming stuff not meant for them? It drives me nuts. I will click post before I start on a big long swag-driven rant.

Cool stuff!

Cool swag. I hate open mouthed chewers....I am getting aggitated just thinking about it!

I want that. How'd you get that? I missed a memo, dammit!

OMG, is the next season of The Closer on its way?????? Be still my heart. Nice swag!!!

Can I get some of your zen re: moms? I about had a smackdown with mine. I went to the beach instead. :D

How cute that package was. Lucky Closer pusher. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to start pimping tv shows. Wait! I have to be home to watch them.

Perhaps I need to lose "the loom whisperer" designation huh? :D

There are few things that annoy me more than listening to people chewing their gum. What makes them think we want to hear them chewing and/or popping their gum? For Pete's sake... Close. Your. Mouth!

Cool swag! You are a very nice daughter to give such a great travel mug to your mother.

Nice swag! ;o)


Love the swag. I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping up!

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