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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Have fun! It sure is beautiful out there. I just got home again, I'm taking a quick nap (need it from last night)and heading out for a picnic! WHEE! Life is fun, isn't it? :D

Another marvelously composed and original shot!

Hope you have a great day!

Again wishing for a Cookie's-back-yard cam...

I'm jealous. I bought a pair of those shoes, but I had to return them. They cut into my Achilles Tendon too much. :( I'll have to make do with Skechers. Nice socks, too!

I have the house opened as much as I can, it's supposed to be heading towards 70 on this beautiful sunny day, and I'm bustling about doing housework (of the sort that's a bit tedious but makes you feel good). Oh, and watching Pride and Prejudice and knitting lace!

I still love those shoes...
Its sunny down in the bay today. I am getting ready to go hit up some dirt jumps. I promise not to hurt anything important.

And yes... I will continue to guard your blog while I am gone. Cause we know how I get when I am irritable.

Looksw like we both have beautiful weather for a change!!!

What a great photo. Are those shoes comfy?

The shoes are cute. The sky is blue. And, the socks are lovely. Hope your Saturday was a good one, too.

Great photo and cute shoes, let alone cute socks. Very happy blue skies you have out there. Thanks for the blue sky. Hope your Saturday was fun.

Gorgeous sky. I am wondering what position you were in to get that shot LOL.

Actually I was hoping for rain and lots of wind. Ya know, to get rid of the vog?

Cute shoes!

Oh, I can't stop laughing at that pose. I am imagining your neighbors and Precious giving you the LOOK. :D Cute, cute shoes. And the best kind of socks ever!!! xo

I love that picture! I'm jonesing for that blue sky baby.

So...who saw you with your legs all up in the air and camera in hand? LOL

Was it so hot that you passed out? You make me laugh.

Makes me think: "just lie back and dream of England"...advice to young Victorian brides in the new Colonies.

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