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Monday, March 31, 2008


Blue skies, Ocean views from my kitchen window (a very long way away - we're high up) and warm weather - yeah, I hate me too...

Love on a Monday?! Where's my moody Cookie! Y'all are freaking me out around here.
Um, I love that the DH is picking up the Bug from school and heading straight to Costco, leaving me home to knit socks madly.

See! You are feeling the love! I love blog pals.

I'm loving your picture. And you, of course!

So pretty, I'm loving your photo... I'm actually loving the content of your photo... and what else? It rained here, most of the day, real toad strangling rain, it's a good thing... now the sun is shining and we have blue skies with puffy white clouds... my chores are finished and my knitting is calling me, yep...love.

I'm loving the rain that is melting the snow and washing the salt off of everything, even though it's pea soup foggy outside.

How about a photo op for that non-pink yarn??

I love NOTHING TODAY. In fact, I am so full of non-love I tossed my resignation on my supervisor's desk. I have no other job lined up but that's not my point. However, I may need to scream "APRIL FOOLS!" tomorrow. That's if I can't come live with you.

I just loved a bowl of Breyer's ice cream to death.

I'm loving: DH for making delish lamb kabobs, posts of lovely flowers on (my) rainy day, blog friends make me laugh when I need it, and the FC shawl (so far).

I'm loving having gotten through all the nearly 300 entries that accumulated in my google Reader over the last week and a half while I was moving and coping with relatives for my brother's wedding. You doubtless have noticed the comments I submitted during the day. :)

I'm loving my spinning wheel. I'm thinking you'd love one too. Have you ever given one a test drive?

For Monday, I loved my bed.

That I live in South Florida and it April and I haven't turned on my air conditioner since DECEMBER!! This has been the nicest winter here in 20 years!

Yay, kitty is eating! I've been trying to get weight on my girl, too, and as a result, I've become a total food pusher. Did you show us a picture of your ring spindle? I'm into spindles right now so I'd like to see your's. I guess today I'm loving the glorious Merino/pygora roving I'm spinning on my new spindle. It's so soft I just want to roll around in it naked. I won't... I don't want to felt it.

I think I'm loving that picture! I wish it was local! *sigh*

Oh, poor kitty. Do I need to start worrying now?
That tree!!!! WOW!
Who are these cool kids of which you speak. I am in a semi coma, I'm out of it. xoxoxo

That's not a tree? A bush? Large flowering something? It still is gorgeous. Forsythia??
yeah. um.

I'm loving that I finally have crocuses in bloom in my yard and that I've blogged at least once every day for three months -- I decided to try to blog every day in 2008 but not to sign up to do it, because then I'd have to think of a reason not to.

Since it is now tuesday, I am loving (kind of) that I have a real job interview tomorrow. Even got my nails done for it. And bought "interview" shoes. Now if I could only fall asleep ...

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