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Sunday, March 30, 2008



*gasp* /checks URL.. yup, this is Cookie's blog......

What did you do with Cookie and when is she coming back?!

Seriously, I'm pretty sure you have some black yarn in your stash. Give that a try. You'll be back to the girlie color in no time. :D

Say it ain't so!
I'm so confused!

Well, for the stash, I guess there's always overdyeing.
How are you feeling about, say, orange and purple?

You? No pink? Really?????

ahhh I went through this a few years back, you'll have another colour obsession in no time :)

No more pink? Oh, thank gawd!

OMG, someone hacked Cookie's blog!

I wonder if this has anything to do with the "mystery messages" I kept sending you last week.

Thank goodness "the boy" isn't pink. Jeepers.

You could always overdye some of the less lovely pink yarns into a red or purple. Or, use this as an excuse to buy more yarn! (Highly recommended). April/May is the "Earth" colorway of project spectrum- greens, browns and metallics. There's a lovely shawl pattern just out called "Mother Earth" (formerly the spring shawl surprise) at http://www.lulsblog.blogspot.com/.

I'm a tinge skeptical of this little change of heart. I think you'll go back. Or at least settle on, say, lilac, or something in the family. You just need a little vacation from pink, not a complete divorce!

The occasional change of shade is always good!

Well, I'm glad you got THAT out of your system. Hahahahahaha. You'll be back, but it'll be good to have a retinal break. XO

It happens. Give yourself some green for a while. Green is good for you.

I know you have black :D It was the pink cardi wasn't it? OOH! What about a black cardigan?

Didn't you have purple and blue in your freezer? I may have to go stash diving. What colors don't look good on you?

You'll be fine, you should have purple yarn in a few days. Maybe the pink thing just got transfered to me in one of our cross continental packages. I'll try to send it back soon.

This could be weird. Next thing, I'll be giving up blue.

i am obsessed with variegated yarns. it doesn't have to be rainbow, even a heather works, but i've been dying (lol) to try, i think it's called marled. . . where each ply is variegated differently. saw some once on the harlot's site, loverly!!

Sometime ya gotta have a little green or orange to appreciate the pink all over again!

I'm shocked. Just shocked.



Kitty could be pink with a spray bottle full of pink Koolaid...

Oh boy! Green and blue and purple and red and....

Wow.I am speechless.How could abandon the pinkness?You'll be back.They always come back.. :)

Oh No... seriously, I take a break from purple now and then. Fairly often, actually. In fact, I think I'll go cast on something purple...

Pink has its place.. as an occasional accent. All pink, all the time is a fashion don't.

There's some nice white-with-blue speckles bamboo sock yarn ...

I don't believe that for a second.

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