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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Awww... kitty.

The sock is most excellent. I'd leave well enough alone on the heel, but that's me - I'm chicken. I think it will be pretty enough to eat.

Aw, how sweet of you to knit me socks! :) Your kitty looks so sweet and innocent. I need an elderly kitty as mine is really getting on my nerves with his spring fever.

You could do an afterthought heel and that would keep the stripe sequence going.

I was going to suggest an afterthought heel also. But I'm sure whatever you do, it will turn out really well. You're like that, ya know :-)

I *heart* that fabric. The sock looks great so far - and I'll jump on the 'afterthought' bandwagon, too. ;o)

OOoh, I was going to say a short-row heel, but Carole who teases about all things sock had a better idea.

Oh yes...do the heel in a different color, but not the afterthought heel, it sucks.

I'm voting for the heel in a different color too.

You know what you should do? Get 2 different noro sock yarns and do a sock ala the Noro striped scarf.


That was Noro sock yarn? Wow, I *have* some of that. Your sock is gorgeous.

Precious looks so sweet and soft in her sleep. I imagine she has wonderful stories. :D

You made a very cool button for Nora, BTW. Way to go!

Love the sleeping kitty! What a great picture of perfect peace and contentment. Hey, if she gets famous like that, you can be her manager/roadie/security person. That's three salaries you'll collect, then years from now, you can write a tell-all book about life on the road with the cat, then you can be on The Daily Show to promote it and do interviews with Cat Fancy magazine and ... Well, it could be fun, right?

Awwww, kitties napping in the sun. When she's totally under the sun's power, does she squeak when you pet her? :-) Keep going on the sock, I want to see how the colors progress. I need to start another sock...

Even though they're kind of a pain, I like the idea of an afterthought-heel. I think it'll be worth it in the long run, because that is shaping up to be one gorgeous lookin' sock!

I concur on the afterthought/forethought heel. The forethought is in Sensational Knitted Socks and is supposed to be a bit easier than a plain afterthought.

OMG, I love the fabric that your sock is sitting on. LOVE it.

I also like the idea of an after thought heel. Good luck with it!

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