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Saturday, February 23, 2008


I do love it! Hubby is laughing because I'm wearing it around the house. It truly lives up to its name! Thank you so much. :)

Geeez, Cookie - I almost burned dinner clicking around to see Christy and her new shawl - and then I had to print out the pattern! This might just be my intro to lace.

It's awesome!

Very pretty and I love that Cactus Flower color more than anything right now. So what's the new lace project?? Do tell.

I stand in awe of your skill! And even more in awe of your speed. hats off!

Your cozy is beautiful. I've been working on one..finally. I've still got to get my hands on some of that lace weight malabrigo.

What a wonderful exchange! Cozy is beautiful. :) How did you like the Malabrigo? I used it for one of my shawls and I liked it well enough, but there have been many critics.

I have coveted that pattern since the first time I saw it but I didn't think I had the fortitude to make it through that much lace. Gorgeous.

It's lovely Cookie, I love the rich, juicy red! What a nice friend you are :)

You know, I never really thought Cozy was something I would want to knit but I really like that one!

I love the Cozy! I am still a beginner with the whole lace knitting but I do enjoy it. I'm putting Cozy at the top of my to-do list! What a great gift...

I have been knitting Cozy for oh .... six months now? Apparently I'm a bit slower at knitting than you are. :)

Doom and disaster? Woah. Scary stuff.
That sky is kind of lacy. In a dark and stormy kind of way.
Malabrigo laceweight? WOWZA
Can't wait to see your new lace!

That pic is spectacular. I love the 10 evergreens in the middle: they look like monster fingers.

The lace isn't half bad either.

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