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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Love the shawl and it does make the apple look kind of pinkish, not bad. Your yarn is really nice, is that your first?

Thank you Cookie for making me feel better that the cute shoes don't come in my size, because we must have happy feet, and so if they aren't comfy then I don't want 'em. I enjoy coming here because I find your posts funny and just enough not too much....I know I am making so much sense. Off to CO for new hat....hoping Chicken doesn't claim this one as well!

I love your yarn! Yay for you! I hear you on the blog awards. I've been nominated and I'm such an idiot I've already lost track of who nominated me. Oy.

'drats on the new shoes and thick socks issue, how about this Spring? when you can wear thinner socks?
You do good yarn :^)
I've seen pink apples... no kidding.... I have.
You're never boring, and as far as 'weird' goes, that's like 'beauty', as 'in the eye of the beholder', and I like cranky. cranky is good.

Is that a Pink Lady apple? Cuz they're kinda pinkish, but I can't tell from the picture if that's really pink or just the lace making it look that way.
OMG, I have some store-bought yarn that looks just like that stuff you made. (Except it's acrylic and it hates me.)

Definitely not boring!
And I love that I can come to your blog when I'm in a cranky mood and know that it's okay to be cranky!
I am def Ms. Crankypants today. :)

I think your yarn is dreamy!

Love the yarn - very nice - what kind of roving was it? And congrats on your award!

So sad about the Target shoes. They must fit with your hand-knit socks, or they're no good.

And I thought only Brits said "trainers" and meant shoes. Shows what I know. Or is your latin food background via the British Empire?

I think your yarn is lovely. And as for Kitty, well she can't help that she has good taste like her mama. Give her a little scritch from me,k?

Love the yarn! You're a regular pioneer gal, making your own teriyaki sauce and spinning. Tres groovy! (Wear the shoes without sox when the weather improves, and all will be well.)

Your yarn looks lovely. I have a co-worker that goes deep sea fishing and brings us all huge packages of fresh fish. Since I'm picky, my cats often get it cooked up for them.

New Yarn! Woo Hoo!!! Go Cookie!!! (Almost typed "Goo Cookie." Mmmm Gooey cookies ... mmmm ...

No kind of about it. that's yarn. :)

I wondered about sock thickness and the new shoes. Yes, the lace looks big enough where one needs to cast on for something else. I need to go drink some water. I think gnomes fed me salt while I took a nap.

Cookie I absolutely love that that shawl. Are you going to share the recipe?


You are the new Manolo! Shoe bloggers of the world unite...sorry, the Marxism I studied in college bubbles to the surface every now and then.

What do you do with overripe bananas? I make banana bread with them, but eat them? Not on your life chica!

Beautiful first yarn! I'm glad you and Ms. Kitty are doing okay. Lovely lace....the more repeats, the better...IMHO.

Pink Lady apples are most definitely pink! Try one next time you visit Whole Foods (they are there now)They're yummy!

Pink Lady apples are kind of pink-ish. They're delish, too! ;o)

Great yarn! Sorry about the shoes...though, since I couldn't get any myself I don't feel *too* bad for you... hehehe ;o)

With homemade yarn you could never be boring! If you can get them pink galas are also pink. Just what are you doing with all the ripe bananas?

Just dropped in to say thanks for the comment, and for entering my contest ... which I'm having fun with and will most definitely do again. I love your blog, though I rarey (ever?) comment ... it's one of my many faults. ;-D

Yeah, pink lady apples are sort of pinkish in a cute apple way ... plus they're really, really tasty.

I want to know what you're doing with all those bananas, too.


The shawl looks very nice with the contrast of the apple. I must have missed something about your kitty but I hope she's ok. Love the yarn! Inquiring minds want to know: what do you do with all those bananas??

I'm sorry that kitty got news you were expecting. Hopefully it is manageable, treatable news?

The pink is gorgeous, but I can see your wanting to knit non-pink during that project.

No, having an old cat isn't fun, but what can ya do? We love'em dearly and would give the world to them on a silver platter if we could. :)

Lovin' the pink lace. Not that it tempts me to start knitting *pink* lace per se. Lace maybe. Just not pink. ;-)

And.. what?! No more pink lace for you? The horror!

I just found your blog and I wanted to say that I think it's great- very real and honest. Just wanted to say thank you and I hope you have a good day (that sounds hokey... it's altruistic though, I promise).

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