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Monday, January 28, 2008


I feel like I must go get myself an amaryllis. I think I'm the only person in the northern hemisphere who doesn't have one. Or maybe I'll just have a beer.

Let's just hope the kitty does not attack the amaryllis... And metal does rule (both music and platinum)...

Susan looks happy! So many leaves!
Fingers crossed on the teriyaki!

I love that show, having worked the shop end of the bridal business, I have many stories about my former brides, all of the show rings very true.

My amaryllis is quite large but no flower yet.

I got scared today. Towards the end of work I decided I'd read your blog. (you know..being all brave, doing something I'm not supposed to do) I forgot you were typepad and typed blogger instead. The site opens and it's all different and I thought you'd somehow morphed into another person. Glad to see you're still hating! Whew! Oh, and I'm so glad to see Susan doing so well.

Well, hellloooo Baby Susan! Oh, and Carrie? I don't have one either....
metal... you're funny.

Mmmm. Homemade teriyaki!!! You will LOVE it. In fact, I'd love some right NOW.

At the moment I am hating this sock yarn. I have managed to turn it into a heap of garbage -- yet again. Ugh.

I'm so sad. My Amaryllis didn't bloom this year. I don't know what went wrong!

I haven't made teriyaki anything in forever and it's the one dish that I do well. I normally don't cook, but I can cook that and fried rice. I look forward to seeing how you do your sauce. :)

totally metal!
\m/ \m/

(I learned from teh hubs)

*channels Tenacious D* Metal - it comes from hell! \m/

OMG, that show! I saw a marathon a few weeks ago and was riveted. Would the new saleswoman find her footing and hold on to her job? Would the girl who flew in all the way from England be able to find a dress before she had to fly home? Would anyone choose a dress with sleeves?

And what was with that see-through corset wedding gown?!? They were pushing that thing at every bride who walked through the door and it was so FUGLY!

Good times.

Oh, how cute Susan looks. A little bitty leafy bud ... (Yes, I can babble baby talk to plants.)

Can't speak to the show but the process of choosing my dress was interesting. Now it just hangs in my closet waiting for me to get up the guts to donate it to some one. All that money (and it was on the less expensive side) for one wearing. Mike is STILL wearing his wedding tux.

Wow - homemade teriyaki? "It's a good thing."

There are so many TLC shows I could get sucked into... the ladies were obsessed with the Miss America thing the other day, and of course I couldn't tear my eyes away even though I was ostensibly knitting my sock. It's a dangerous channel. Probably run by the devil.

Susan is looking good. I wish I could say the same for my mom's....although it is where there is sun now, we really haven't had much of it. That and mom keeps watering it like it wants to swim!

It is true... I hate people...

I <3 Metal.

\mm/ Long Live the Metal - Tenacious D

Oooo I love the amaryllis. Saw one in the store the other day and almost picked it up. I could stand some sunshine myself.

tag - you made my day too.

I just saw that show for the first time this weekend and couldn't stop watching! I was struck by the difference between the sales floor (elegance, couture, pristine) and the "alterations" area downstairs - can you say sweatshop?! I know it's not that bad, but those seamstresses are dang artistes and they're stuck in the basement! Put a few upstairs so the brides understand how much work is going into those dresses!
And YEAH for sun - I don't care how spoiled we are in CA with our weather, because we pay for it in cost-of-living ... so I'm done with the rain now, okay?

Susan is looking pretty!

There is much platinum metal out there! I believe Susan is crazy about the sun though.

Sun is a rare thing this time of year, so I try not to fight the cats for a spot in the sunbeam coming through the window. But it's hard.

Hello, Susan, my, how you've grown.

Trying... to... resist... pull... of... reality... tv...

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