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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Now you just have to start spinning ... and not in circles like your cat!

Beautiful roving! Do you spin?

Pretty. Is this the second bit of roving? How many will you collect before spinning some up? And you love your socks again? The wind must be blowing away the blues. And watch for another package, hint, hint...

Oh, dear. I thought I said. Silly me -- why would I, I suppose? I even forgot I sent it to you. Hee.

Anyhoo, it's (some kind of nice) wool and Tussah silk, hand blended by the lovely Kae of Faerielady Knits.

Verra verra nice. Take that wool to bed with you. It'll keep you extra warm.

That's super yummy Roving. :D

I hope ya'll stay dry up there.

Yarn next week. ;^)


I think that is lovely roving from Norma. Makes me think of mid-February. I hope you and the cat are staying warm and cozy.

me wants to eats it.

Ohh pretty roving. Hope you are having a relaxing day.

Yummy roving!

Norma wasn't kidding, it sure is pink here! Listen, the cats pay the vets (I don't know how) to make us believe that they could be going at any time. It's a feline subversive underground thing and the vets will never tell.

LOL: roving in a rainstorm!
Love your pink roving.

You made a pink heart! You are my hero. For more reasons than that, of course!

Love, love LOVE the pink. Kae does wonderful work. I think Dave bought some from me when I did my mini de-stash. Or maybe it was Jen. I don't know. But I still have some left to spin.

Ok... so you don't like knitting... I see a spinning obsession coming on. I mean REALLY! You're stocking up for the end of the world over there.

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