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Saturday, January 26, 2008


did you get your cute shoes?

What better way to spend a day than surrounded by lace? No guilt.

(Easy for me to say - I spent my afternoon with a woolly sock!)

Show us your shoes!!!

Lace is a nice companion. Who am I to argue, I spent my day with stockinette.

Yeah, I stayed inside despite the cheery sunshine and the warm day. Bah, my socks are more important.

That sounds like a project knitter statement but the summer of socks was sort of a flow/process knitting thing, IMHO. You must be a bi-lingual knitter!

Blue sky even when tinged with a big of fluffy white is always nice in my book.

I just love the tips of your trees! So majestic and dependable! :)
Lace. Bah!

Um, may I venture a guess on your next project? Socks?

oooh yeah - tell us of the shoes! ;o)

Mmmm, buried under a mound of soft lace sounds so much better than buried under a Noro blanket, my hands are getting downright rude in their protests... must finish soon!
I'm really looking forward to seeing the lace! Shoes?

I always dream of my next project while I'm in the midst of my current project. It's good to plan ahead! Otherwise you end up where I am with no freaking idea of what to do next. I'm running around like a chicken without a head trying to decide. *ack foo*

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