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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Very funny. I love them.

I had a list of three items to purchase at Target...now I've added another. Those are perfect for showing off hand knit socks!!

Yep. I need those shoes.

Wicked cute!

Eek, those are way too cute! I must get me a pair for myself now!

You GOT 'em!!!! I'm so glad for you!!! lovely. Pardon me, I'm a little drunk on pinto. I mean pinot.

oooooh, those shoes are totally cool and cute all at the same time. Go get the black!

Dude, you totally have to go back and get the black ones! They're on sale!

Very Cool... the good side to that..knowing they're already comfy... go for the black!

Love them! They make me want to go out and get a pair.

i'm pretty sure it's because of YOU that i felt compelled to buy those when i was at target... the black ones are lovely :)

They especially look great with hand knit socks!

Love them! Guess who's going to Target tomorrow? ;o)

The socks definitely make the ensemble, but I'm loving the shoes! You definitely need the black ones, for more formal occasions!

I'd get some myself, but if I did my girls would have to have some, too, or I'd never get to wear them.

Love the contrast with the socks!

very cute! Especially with the socks.

I love the shoes....I was excited that they came in all black because I like comfy, nice shoes to work in during wedding season as I am on my feet all day. Now I don't love them as much as they don't come in size 11.....grrrr, dumb cute shoes. I wish they were bigger. But did I really need another pair of shoes....not really. Plus if everyone got the cute shoes then they wouldn't be as special. *secretly whispers....I seriously still love the shoes wondering if how many blisters I would get in the course of the day if I tried to wear shoes that Just fit*

Super cute! Do they come in tiny footbinding sizes for me? Please say yes...

I love the new shoes! Whenever I buy shoes now it is all about "will my socks look good, too?" :)

Huzzah, you found them! :] They look soooo much cuter when you actually see them on someone. And it's great how well the shoes compliment the socks. ;)

They're darling! And they show off the socks so well. :)

OMG they are adorable!!!!


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