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Friday, January 25, 2008


CUTE shoes! :o)

Your yarn needs a hot water soak and a whacking - good way to work out your frustrations! ;o)

And after you do what JessaLu says then you KNIT with it! Cute shoes!

The shoes aren't my style - I'm more of a Birkenstock or 1940s style heels girl - but you go! New hair and new shoes need new socks!

Those shoes are adorable! Can you believe we don't have Target in Hawai'i? They just broke ground for a store yesterday. So the situation will be remedied next *year*. Tell me, how much am I missing?

Zappos has free overnight shipping. Just sayin'. ;) They are definitely cute though!

Loving those shoes in spite of myself. (They are Not My Style But They Want To Be.) Must not go to Target to be a Cookie clone... Ah screw it. Must go to Target...

PS - I wonder if the wool got felted a tad during the dyeing process?

Nice shoes -- if you find the all-black version, those would be right up my alley -- just sayin'. If this weather keeps up, I'm not going to Tarzhay or anywhere else that I can help going to. Oh, and Endless.com also has the free overnight shipping -- both ways, order two different sizes just to be sure and you can return the one that doesn't fit, free.

Those are cute! Good luck finding them. Girl logic rules!

You totally deserve a pair of cute shoes. I've had good luck with DSW for cute shoes. Do you have that store where you are?

mmm shooz.
Now just add some chocolate so the happy belly goes in the middle of snappy hair and tappy shoes!

omg did I just type that?

Great shoes! Your logic makes perfect sense to me. I'm getting a haircut tomorrow... hmm.

Those are cute. If you don't find them, look at DSW, I saw a few things like that recently.

Show us the roving so we can see what you're talking about?

Those ARE cute shoes and most importantly they look like comfy cute shoes!

Definitely cute shoes...I hope a local Target comes through. I hope all the stress is past you and Saturday is a Very Good Day for you.


They are adorable.


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