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Sunday, December 30, 2007


I just finally cast-on for mine on Friday! I need to get moving on it. I have the same game plan as you - stockinette style, more beads. Yay! It looks fabulous!

Bee-u-ti-ful~ the beads look like little raindrops. It's not the short neck... it's all the hair! :) See. There is always a bright side.

I guess you kind of inspired me to get mine out of time out.

I think it's gorgeous with the curled edge! Really lovely piece of lace. I think all these beautiful pink confections are wearing down my anti-pink stance. Hrm. What can this mean?

It's so pretty Cookie!

Very pretty! I covet all things mohair. Until I actually get close to it. Then I covet tissues and Benedryl. :)

Like a pink chiffon hairdo. Straight back to the '50s! :D


To use a term of my son's, "awesome!" It really is lovely and you knit it so fast! Just how do you do that?


Wow. It's cool to see this knit up in another color. I did mine in a lovely Dove Gray from Dave. Mine was too short too. I took it over to the neighbor's house for her to test model it for me so i could get some pics and we decided it was too short. I started looking for the end to pull it out and found a dropped stitch about 10 rows back. UGH. I ended up frogging the whole thing and started again. I did 5 or 6 extra repeats on mine. Well, not mine...it's been shipped off to Mom. I'll wait to hear how it fits her.

Oh, i did it without beads. Beads skeer me!


ooh, and I repeat as above: how do you knit so fast???!! I don't even have that kind of attention span much less nimbly fingers. Perhaps it's fear of the cat to get to your chores in time...my cats are wussies and do not inspire much except morelaptimeplzkkthx.
Happy year of the newness!

Love that pink fuzziness! Where is that pink head? Did you bring your styrafoam head out in public? ;-p

It is really gorgeous. Lovely and feminine and if you are making another it is nice you can zoom though the haze like that. :-D /chortles

Oh, it's so pretty! I just picked up a burgundy skein to knit mine!


It looks lovely! I agree about the too short as well. I knitted mine in Black with iridescent dark grey beads ( a glutton for punishment) I don't tend to wear mine as a hood, but wear it round my neck as an accent scarf or even under my coat - far less fuss than a scarf. I had a little bit of yarn left over and used it to make a "matching" pair of Mrs Beeton's - also from Knitty - love them, great for using up oddments.

Looks very soft and lovely.

That's really beautiful. I love the color and it looks so delicate.

Very pretty! I was just looking at this pattern last night....I wonder if I have some KSH in the stash....

Eep, it's the Ghost Of Christmas Past!

Err, sorry couldn't resist.

It's beautiful, girlie. Nice job. But Kidsilk? *shudder* Thin, fluffy yarn scares me.

Very pretty. The pink is a perfect color for that pattern. Great job.

Another perfectly-executed, beautiful pink knit!

Just gorgous

Oh that's on the top of my list except I want to do the garter stitch one and I like the blue color they used. I've found the beads I want, now just to get them and to actually get to a town that has more than R*d Hea*t

Kidsilk Haze should be called Kidsilk Crack. Once you've tried it, you'll need to have a lot of it.
Lovely lace and great job with the beads even if they weren't your first choice. And only people under 20 could do a Russian Join with this stuff, I just tie a very small knot and work it in.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Pink mohair. The second two most beautiful words in the English language. To say I love it, and the pretty beads, just doesn't quite describe it. Stunning!

I think I need to visit my bin of mohair yarn now. It's not as delicate as the KSH though, which I also hope to acquire for Diamanta (a wrap).

Ack -- it's me Debby. Posted a comment to my husband's blog and forgot to change the name (blush).

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