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Friday, December 28, 2007


Wow, that's some gorgeous scarfness. It turned out SO nice. It's blocked to perfection, too. Nice job!

Sorry, I mean shawlness, not scarfness.

Oh my gosh, that is just stunning! I am in awe! (and yes, it's slightly demented that you knit that in FOUR days!)

It's wonderful. I never realized the pattern was this nice until seeing yours. The size as is- is perfect and the color is fantastic. How did you get everyone to leave you alone for those four days? I'm lucky to have four rows done, not a whole shawl.

How beautiful! The yarn and the pattern are a perfect marriage. Well done!

Wow! Lovely!

Once again..gorgeous!

Most pretty! I think Clive did a great job with the blocking - he's got a knack for it.

FOUR DAYS - are you kidding me? with a re-do in there? I fall at your knees. It's beautiful. I love EC patterns too, for exactly the same reasons. Lovely!

It looks lovely in pink! I love how you can see the little angels. (guess that's why it's called an angel shawl, huh) I think at 6 feet wide, it's big enough.

Yes... I am taking a different view of pink.

It is stunning. I really like it...now you are making me want to start knitting my shawl with the Dave Cabin Cove Yarn I bought ages ago....

Cookie, the shawl is beautiful. I would only guess that you had to soak your hands in ice water....they must have been smoking!

Oh, that is so incredibly beautiful. The kitty does a great job blocking. May I send my next shawl to her?

I want to do beads too. Let us know how it goes, and if it's easy to learn, or if it makes you want to hide under the bed trying to put the needles into those tiny holes, and you end up stabbing yourself instead. Here's hoping it's the former.

In a previous post, you were wondering about the seed catalogs. I just got White Flower Farm today. I don't know if you get that one, but the pictures are swoon-worthy. The question is, can they hold me over until May, after frost season is over? How early in the year do you get to plant your garden?

It's beautiful!

OMG Gorgeous. I really love the color, it goes very well with that design.



Say WHAT? You did that in four days? This is a serious question: Can I hire you to knit one for my sister? She heavy-hinted at Christmas that she needed one, after seeing my FBS, and there is no way I'd get it done this year. She says her classroom at school is brutally frigid in the morning and brutally HOT in the afternoon. Ergo, she needs a shawl. I never woulda pegged her for wanting lace, but she was totally in love with my FBS.

Cookie! OMG! It's gorgeous! Even if it is in pink. :-P

So pretty *sigh* *drool*

Wow. You rock, Cookie. Beautiful!

Simply gorgeous.I wish I could knit half as fast as you.Maybe if Clive came over to block for me I could finish faster.


A very pretty something pink! I miss you, I'm going to add your feed to my LJ so I can still keep on top of your life.

OK Fess up - how much caffeine and/or drugs did it take to allow you to knit that shawl in FOUR days? And at Christmas! It is beautiful!

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