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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The chat thingy?


I say this with love and affection...What are you talking about????
Cute kitty> Great scarf!!!

I'm sure the man's kitty is so going to love the smell of your kitty all over that scarf... Pretty kitty and pretty scarf...

Very cute cat, but... I can't see the scarf.

You've lost me this time. Huh?

Well, that must be the Paton's SWS entrelac scarf, and what I can see of it looks very nice indeed. Chat thingies can be over-rated.

But, "what's her ass" feeds you, doesn't she?

So...zip it!

Hey, even my kid can use the chat thingy. But not the turtles. They'd get the keyboard wet!

Just so it isn't a sweater. I suppose some of those yummy cookies are going in the package, too.

Wouldn't it be the "Meow Thingy" if Kitty was using it?

Such a sweet pose! How can you deny her the chat thingy?!

Nice man scarf!

I love Suz. No really.

I say let the poor girl on. What's the worst that will happen? She gets ahold of the camera? :D

Oh noes!!1! Must use chat thingy!

Lovely scarf - lucky man and kitty. Your cat is sweet. Great cookies from previous post, too.

The dogs don't think I should talk to the cat but if I listen to them, they'll scratch up the keyboard trying to do the chatty thing.
We all like the scarf though.

SO oppressed!

ok, is that Chat, as in talk, or Chat as in Frenchified for cat?

Handsome scarf, cute kitty. I have four of my own (cats, I mean) & a turtle. Only one kitty likes my computer...she sleeps on it for heat. I have cat hair all over it. Yuck. She is not allowed to chat. All she'd type is foul language since it'd be all symbols & stuff. I think I need to add entrelac to my knitting arsenal. Intriguing!

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