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Friday, November 02, 2007


Color me impressed, Miss Cookie! I do so wish I were your cat right now!
That knitting is exquisite! (and I don't throw that word out willy nilly!)

holy shite woman. your knitting amazes me

That's the ultimate in comfort, I bet!

That is excellent re-working of a plan. I usually do not get such great results. I like the idea of knitting a lace shawl with worsted weight yarn and using it as a throw of sorts. I may have to copy you. My swallowtail is done and ready for blocking, but it is way tiny compared to yours.

Count me in for being a copycat as well. Kudos, girl!

By the way...cats aren't allowed to show appreciation. It's in the union rules. Keep a webcam going throughout the night and see if she adores it once the lights are out.

How do you do it? I haven't even finished the pair of socks I started in August (OK, I did start and finish another pair in between, but still).

Beautiful knitting, again. And you have one lucky but ungrateful cat.

wow! that is spectacular. snuggly and pretty!

That is stupendous! I'd like to snuggle under that!!! Kudos to you on that finish!

How exactly did you block that??? Giant bed? Enormous, empty, extra room in the house? Trampoline? :)

Oh Cookie, it's just gorgeous. And two really would make a wonderful throw.

Yeah... you're abso-freakin-lutely rockin' the shawl skilz. :D
It sounds comfy and cozy. Hmmmm... I have a ton and a half of pink dave yarn. I wonder.....

I think your worsted swallowtail shawl will be a wonderfully cozy, yummy shawl/half-throw. Great idea!

Wow! What an elegant idea. You definitely love your cat!

I ask this question in the most loving way: ARE YOU NUTS???

But all I can think is WOW, izzat gorgeous! I feel like such a slacker. (and isn't Lion Fisherman's Wool a hidden treasure?)

(wonder why the cat doesn't love it???)

oohhhh! I have made two swallowtails in laceweight and they are both a bit on the small side. I think there may be a third in my future...

I'm thinking it's a magic fence, you just throw a bunch of yarn at it and then... That explains the cat, they know things we don't.
You could make this one a square throw by starting with a circular caston and working around. No purling back. Now you've got me wondering if I have enough of anything to do this.

Really really great! I love worsted weight lace (and fishermans wool is an amazing yarn, such a DEAL)

Gorgeous.Is the worsted the only mod you made?I would love to do that for my Grandmother.She is 6 ft tall so it would be awesome for her.Or me.or anyone who like to snuggle really.

Ooh, I just want to curl up with that shawl right now. I don't care that it's eighty degrees here. That shawl just screams, "Snuggle with me!" Absolutely gorgeous.

I think it's lurvely. That is excellent snuggle-on-the-couch-during-a-rainstorm knitting.

I love the way that came out! What a great idea to bump up the yarn size.

Holy crap - that is way cool.

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