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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Yay for the garter stitch! All kidding aside, it's really lovely.

Aw, now you've got me crying again. It's lovely, just like you.

Oh it's just beautiful! Well done!


I really think it needs a knitted-on border.


It looks poifect. Just poifect.

gorgeous!!! I love it!

Psst ... pssst .... did you know that the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarns are all on sale at the Sweet Sheep? yeah, there are some lovely pink ones over there too ... just sayin', s'all, just in case you are wanting to make pink socks.

Another fabulous job! You got mad shawl knittin' skillz


That is super beautiful. :D

Looks nice with the garter edging too.


Raises hand! I'm a garter-stitch-lovin' freak.

Can I go to bed now? *zonk*

Well, Cookie that is just beautiful. BEAutiful! Stunning even.
And your fence? They make the best neighbors, I don't care where you live~

I really like the simplicity of the garter stitch border. It's elegant, and preserves the integrity of the diamond shapes of the lace pattern.

Looks stunning!!

Well I don't know what it's "supposed" to look like, but what you've got there is darn pretty. The lace in variegated doesn't always work, but you've got it right there my dear. Here's hoping for a cold snap.

Very gorgeous!

I think it looks great and finished even without any added edging. I thought that colorway looked familiar.

Your shawl looks gorgeous.

Lovely! The color does enough work. I say it again, it does not need a jazzy edging.

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