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Friday, November 30, 2007


Feel better. I think catnip depends on the cat. I knew a cat who wouldn't touch the stuff until her owner brought home a live plant. Then you couldn't keep her out of it.

Sorry you are sick again! Kitty is definitely the best one to take care of you. Tempted to joke about your "party[ing] like it's 1999" but I won't.

When I used to work in an office, I took lysol with me during cold season one year. People would come to work sick, and if they wanted to use your keyboard or phone (interns, assistants that didn't have a regular desk), they were getting germs all over your area. One college age woman looked at me like I was paranoid and bizarre for spraying my keyboard, but too bad. Thank goodness now I share office space with four-leggeds and it's not an issue. :)

I'd prefer NOT to picture us engaged in a kiss - no offense but I don't kiss girls... And Funyons rock! Perfect comfort food for when you're under the weather and not going to kiss anyone (boy or girl)...

I'm sorry you're sick - it sucks! Feel better soon.

I'm so sorry you're sick again, but think of all the quality time you'll be spending with Precious.

Oh no! Again?!!! WTF!?!!!

Geeze, you are one gal who cannot catch a break. I sure hope this thing passes by soon!

I WILL NOT tolerate this! STOP being sick!!! No freakin' WAY!

(hugs sent. I'm wearing my gloves and full protective gear.)

Do I have to add your blog to the list of places my immune system has to avoid? I'm sure you would love being grouped with grocery stores, schools and churches. Really though, I blame the Funyons. There's no telling what's in them.
Please feel better.

Time to tell that sick that you're done with putting up with it's crap and call in some antibiotics.

I hope you're feeling better real soon!

WTF? How are you sick again? Were you out new those little germy things again? You know. Children. Ewwwwww.
Get well soon.

Oh I am so sorry...and can I claim this yuck that has invaded my lungs traveled all the way from the west coast? Actually I figure that it came from the coworker that used my phone AND sneezed all over my keyboard and desk. I immediately sprayed stuff and used germicidal wipes but ... guess it didn't work. I'm pretending I feel really good because I am supposed to be going shopping tomorrow. Oh good, I can spread it around.

Ooo! The regular Funyuns or the wasabi version?

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Feel better soon, kiddo. (You really must avoid the t*ddlers.) She does look pretty! I hope the two of you are sharing the afghan.

No fair, sick again?!Get well soon.

Your sick again? Bugger! Get well soon.

Sorry you are sick again.I'vs got the crud now too.I feel your pain.I am not quite sick enough to try Funyons yet.I don't think I will EVER be that sick.Those things are freaking gross!
Feel better!

Oh you poor thing. It's probably one of those computer visuses! hahahahah!
Funyuns?? honestly?
Feel better! xoxoxooxox

I hope you feel better soon. Sorry you have the crud.

Oy. Now I'll be singing "When Doves Cry" all day!

Feel bette!

Hope you're better soon! I love Funyons too. Also Munchos - they seem to go together.

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