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Monday, November 26, 2007


The cookies look delicious and I usually don't like bananas in anything but banana bread.
I'm glad the freezer stash will have some company.
And I agree about the Patons, I never bought it because it was too fuzzy-sheddy in the store. I'm not sure that we need soy in our yarn but I hear someone's making yarn with banana fiber. Now I'm back to wanting one of those cookies.

Mmmm. Cookies.

Uh-oh. If I recall correctly we are making the exact same scarf in the exact same yarn (different colorways). No knots for me yet, but I have been distracted away from knitting on the scarf by my Monkey sock. I'm still afraid it will end up pilling like nobody's business, too.

I have heard bad things about the wearing of SWS, but I've also heard that since it felts like a mofo, it makes lovely felted bowls and bags. What I wanna know is, why oh WHY do you have to choose EITHER cool color effects or soft-but-hard-wearing yarn? (NORO, I'm looking at YOU.)

Those fibers gravitate straight to my eyes. Ugh.

And yeah - blame the cookie eating on the sock yarn. Good excuse.

I'm drooling over those cookies. Yumsters!

Mmmm. I've never had bananas in cookies -- it never crossed my mind--until today. They sound very yummy.

Oh, WOW. Weak at the knees just at the sound of them!

I will give you my address should you need those cookies out of the freezer stat!

Yes, I think time and cookies will help you make an appropriate address to the offending yarn company. Try to enjoy the deliciousness and forget about the horribleness.

You so need to share that recipe!!

Mmmmm... coooooookies.

How about just knitting along with the SWS and next thing you know there's and end. In the middle. Because you pulled it too hard? wtf?

What is it with everyone all of a sudden posting food I can't have? I think Carole started it.

Oh girlie, you need to give me some now before I find out where you live and steal them all anyways! :d

OMG those cookies sound amazing! I'm in awe of your will power. I would have eaten them all right. there.

If you need extra curse words, I can lend you a few of mine

BTW, if those cookies DO make it into the mail, my zip code is 90505

Mmm ....banana oatmeal. Mmmm ...

Is it wrong that I love the idea of cookies in your stash?? ;)

would u share your yummy recipe?

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