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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Did you have to lay on the ground to get that shot? All we have here is gray sky, snow and mud. Glad it's pretty where you are. And of course we hate you very very much.

Nothing but blue skies here too! WHOO! California REPRESENT! U down wit dat homey? :D



I bet you didn't have to wear a jacket to get that shot either. Spanish or French Lavender? Gorgeous whichever.

Um, you shouldn't be laying on the ground...Ms. i've been sock recently! Sheesh!

Pretty picture though. ;)

Sock, sick...you know what i mean!

Sock, sick...it's all the same with Cookie. Do I need to remind everyone of the SOS?


Yeah - that's *so* not Ohio.

That is a GREAT shot!!!!

That is one great shot! A bugs eye view! :D

I coulda got the same sky shot here.Only my french lavender plants are popsicles after our little bit of snow and ice yesterday.

Nice lavender cam shot! :)

absolutely awesome shot.

Great picture, do your neighbours think you are mad?

Great shot, but it'd be better with smell-o-vision :-)

AAAggghghhhh! Giant lavenders!

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