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Monday, October 22, 2007


Happy nothing, today SUCKS. Stop being so cheerful or I'll take away your wool!

I thought I was the only for whom sock yarn counted. In fact, I counted mine and I forbid myself to obtain more.

Hmm. I wonder if I've been rudely ignoring the kisses I eat?

So, today is a faking happy day....(which you are doing reasonably well)...so tomorrow is? /ducks

If I put all my yarn in the freezer, my DH would be confronted with previously unknown abundance. Being single has benefits. :-)

I haven't tried the Bloglines beta yet. The last beta thing I went to sucked big time. :(

See, if I got along better with others, I'd get secret emails from Rhinebeck. /sigh

I'm sucking the bottom of the barrel blog wise due to post-exam week and finding someone's sock mojo. Guess it blew in on the Santa Anas. Can you take them back?

What email reports? *looking innocent*

Yeah, totally: that guy and his horses must have the most-photographed asses on the planet. Hee.

O.k., we missed the guy with his horses. We found Paul, though! (Or rather he found us.)

I can see you now, staring at the freezer saying "I really don't want any of this ..."

Oh I love the Bloglines beta! Thanks for the heads up. :) Also, I think yarn in the freezer is perfect. It's like heading for forbidden ice cream, only without the calories.

I love that you keep your yarn in your freezer! ;o)

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