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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Those look lovely! and that is the exact same color Trekking that I am using!

What, Norma sends the nuts over to you? :-) Nice job on the socks. You should know that a knitter will always love handknit socks. No worries.

No, that is not a town freak thing. I would worry and obsess and at times be overcome with the feelings of intimidation. Of course, my mental health status really disqualifies me from being able to give an accurate assessment. They are beautiful socks. With such wonderful colors, I guess Trekking XXL does not need fancier names.

Oh I love me some Trekking. That is a particularly gorgeous color. And I'm with you on their snazzy color names. What ingenuity!

Thanks for posting the color "name", I love this color and was going to ask you. The only Trekking I have knitted so far was named "77", I believe, and I liked it a lot. It seemed finer than other sock yarn, though, I was getting 10 spi (not what I had planned, but it worked out due to my fortuitously and completely accidentally casting on too many stitches).

Everyone intimidates me. Yes, that means you too. I wouldn't call those socks exactly nothing. Only days after having to stow all my yarn because the guest-room beds were about to be used and realizing that I was seriously running out of room in the closet, I find myself in the throes of severe yarnal concupiscence. And I blame you.

Be careful. If you keep knitting socks for people like Norma and Sandy you're going to lose your cranky status and instead everyone will figure out how nice you actually are. ;-)

The title of the post made me think it was a walk-a-thon for Norma. The sock giftie is better though...very cute. She'll love 'em.

If I knit the socks you do, I'd be climbing on the roof of our 1960 ranch and shouting "Yup, here's another fabulous pair of socks. I am amazing." Instead I ponder the idea that socks are "nothing" to you. You're incredible.

I'm with Carole. You might need to go undercover again. No socks. Keep knitting lace until after the full moon. You should spew enough cranky to get your rep back.


Great socks and they look perfect on Norma's feet.

Gosh, you even sound crankier than usually. I hope your shawl works up quickly. :-D /ducks

Great looking socks and an awesome photo. How's the shawl working for you?

They look great on Norma ... let us know when you get the shortbread. *g*

I might be wrong here, but isn't Norma baking some shortbread. . .

Those are great socks and definitely not "nothing." You've got the best cranky mojo of any knitter out there. Be proud.

I've got some of that purple Trekking. Maybe I should cast on. And that always happens to me too - someone links when I have posted in ages. Hence the post last night when I still didn't feel inspired.

Very pretty! You are a good friend. I have just finished knitting a sock for someone who is also a knitter and it has been one of the more stressful knitting experiences of my life.

Ooh! That's the colorway I used for Carmen's socks in the recent knitty sock swap! LOVE that Trekking. The colors flow so wonderfully into each other.

She's really not as cranky as she claims to be. Cool socks!

Don't faint. I'm going to knit today. Today is the day. I got the urge......yay!

Love your pictures....you do such beautiful work! Ok, what exactly was the "loose" cast off you did that came out actually loose, on those socks. I really have a tough time in this area. What's your secret?

Beautiful colorway!

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