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Friday, October 26, 2007


On a more simple/mellow note, there's a full moon...
Are you gonna get into EST?

I suggest starting a cheesecake.

I just checked mine. I'm going to hibernate for a couple weeks... (I'll post it to go up tomorrow) Just. OMG. WTF? Good thing I don't really believe these things. Right? RIGHT???

I'm with Dave... I've seen you and full moons. It could be that. I wish I hadn't looked at mine.

Uh huh, we all knew you were smarter than the average bear...

Mine says i'm on a huge physical slum, lowest of the low. Yep, every day.

And my emotional and intellectual thingies are way high. Yup. Sounds about right.

I'm completely out emotionally and intellectually today. Wow. Thank goodness today is over.

Also, I'm gonna be SOOO high next Friday. Whew!

well, I heard Mercury is in retrograde again too AND there's the full moon. Go howl, have some chocolate (maybe knit pink socks? could work?)and feel better!

Maybe it is not the biorhythms, but rather knitting an ill-fitting black cardi at a painful gauge. Looks like you are keeping your wits about you, so you might make it through this. Now I keep checking my biorhythms. Looks like they have me set up for an interesting birthday and Halloweenie.

Someone please tell me when it's safe to resume normal life experiences. With Mercury mooning us and Mars going retro (what a fashion disaster!) I think I'm just going to stay in bed until it all works out.

I totally have to do this biorhythms thing. Well, maybe NOT. :)

That site rocks! Apparently I am 100% intellectual today and about 90% emotional (which could be trouble) and then the physical is down in the toilet... Sigh... I do believe that cheesecake is in order!

I'm almost afraid to do the biorhythms. Do I really need confirmation that I feel like crap? :)

I hope you start to feel better soon. I also totally get how you feel about gathering the emotional wherewithal to start a new project. Sometimes it's just too much.

I just did mine, and I'm emotionally and mentally bankrupt. Physically I'm doing okay, like it matters. I guess I oughta investigate a career change. . . professional athlete, porn star, what else????? At least they're biorhythms and they change tomorrow before I do anything drastic.

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