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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Using a sock or two to get you through is a good thing. Sometimes I need some lace to make it through. Come to think of it, my lace-free needles may be my problem.

Hats. Yeah, hats. Maybe it's time to venture into the topper of all toppers. Hats. I'm starting tonight with swatching. I've got all these yarns intended for hats. Think about it.
Love your little knitting spot/tray. I had a tray table in the last place, and it had to share space with a laptop. Yeah, smallness of space.

Socks are a good thing! They are useful and keep your feet warm. Thou shalt not belittle the sock!

You are rocking the ripple afghan. Mom's crocheting a granny square one for my bed. WHOO! Since the new computer, my knit spot is right infront of the HUGE SCREEN... watching episodes of shows I couldn't find time for. At least I'm getting somewhere on the Monkeys?

You may hate it now, but you'll love it when it's done. I swear. Really. And see, even Sarah agrees about the socks.

tres desole! I completely encourage you to start a sock to get you thorugh. that's what I'm doing while knitting an interminable baby blanket for my new nephew - i get to knit a bit on the sock once I have completed a square of the blanket.
your shawl looks wonderful!

First it's one sock to "just take the edge off," then two. Before you know it you have a major problem. Is there a 12 step program for sock knitters?

Socks have ruined you for life...

Lovely and comfy knitting spot. And I totally understand about the sock thing although I'm such a slow knitter that one sock can last a really long time.

my knit spot is home to VLT and a never ending shawl too.

I know what you mean about slogging through a shawl. I'm currently in the same situation with the Flower Basket Shawl. It feels like each row is an eternity of knitting and that there's just no end in sight. Thank the knitting goddess for socks.

I think socks offer some happy relief, like a funny commercial during the football game. On Saturday night, I cast on a sock for my travel and, I swear, it made me happier just to have a sock on the needles after so long. So, I say, get a sock started, it will make the lace go faster. IMHO.

Oooo that looks neat. I can't wait to see the pattern bloom when you block it. :D

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