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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


sleeping hat?

Silk lace always works to soothe a wounded soul.

I think my hair looked like that yesterday.

I made my mom a pair of Fuzzy Feet out of the SWS and they're gorgeous! Lemme tell ya though, that stuff felts like a mofo. Keep a close eye on it while you're felting!

I was kind of figuring that I'd see another pair of socks, despite the title of this post. I don't think the hat looks bad, but no matter how it looks, it's important that its recipient finds it to be what she wanted.

I love the top of the hat too. Do I detect frustration with the silken lace? Ut-oh.

Glad your mom likes the hat, even if you're not wild about it. Gotta try that yarn, I hear good things about it, but I've not seen it for sale any place I frequent, yet.

oh, it's a cute hat1 I love SWS, so soft and the colours are pretty1 I have felted several purses with it - and agree with Turtlegirl76 -- it is the fastest and smallest felting yarn ever (one minute normal ... the next, half the size - I swear!) But when felted ... beautiful thick fabric.

There's something about that SWS yarn that bothers my eyes so much - it's like little fibers end up under my contacts. It's infurating. Which is very disappointing now that I see that Natural Crimson color. :(

Sleeping hat is my thoughts exactly... You'll have to explain that one... But it's not socks!

I love felting SWS, but I didn't like the knots either.

Was Mercury in retrograde or something this week? Assy-ness has abound for a lot of people recently.

Knit a sock.

It'll make you feel good.

Cute hat. Lucky Mom. I've never used the yarn. I'll have to look for it. Felting is fun.

Breaking my normal silence to send you well wishes and to tell you how glad I am that I found you and your blog. Not since Crazy Aunt Purl and Yarn Harlot have I enjoyed a blog so much.\


I sleep in a hat in the winter because we keep the heat low. But I started it when I was bald and my widdle head got so very cold.

I'm with Stacey about Mercury being in retrograde or something. Weird stuff happen' here, too.

I think the hat is cute, albeit huge :)

I've meaning to ask, why do you put bloglines in your title?

The hat looks good and if your mom likes it, that is all that matters. Hope your headache goes away soon, sweetie.


The top of the hat is very cool. Is fluzzy a new word now :) Sleeping hat?

Ugh! Finding knots in a ball of yarn annoys me more than it should. Still, your yarn and non-pattern worked well together.

I think it has character. :) The top is pretty darn cool. Don't worry. I can't count either. I always say, I'm a musician, we only have to count to four!

It looks fuzzy and comforting to me. Sending analgesic thoughts.

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