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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Locked and Loaded! Thanks for playing

Thanks for the eyecandy! I like the yarn (orange will never replace pink!) and the piratey hairsticks too - way cool. Much better than the paintbrushes I used to use way back in art class.
I coined a new word yesterday to describe the extent of my frustration right now. it possibly involves the f-bomb. hehehe.
why is it always the wrong guy at the right time and never the right guy at the right time???? le sigh.

Looks like yarn lo mein :D I used to use pens and dpns. Of course, I also havethin hair.

I can never make those things work. Someday you'll have to show me.

I was speaking of the hair sticks. I can't do that bike thingy either, but am beyond wanting to.

WTF? AssWatch Wednesday? Who? What? WTF???


Picture was taken in Moab, UT. I need to work on getting more rise out of my endos, but the scenery was great.

I don't think I was ever 26. And if I was, I didn't appreciate it.

The blocking will transform it. I have faith. And I'm banking some goodwill for my next blocking adventure.

If you become a hermit, can I come too? I promise I will ignore you with extreme prejudice.

I love those stix! Is there a website that those might be obtained from?

Skull hair sticks! Where'd you get them? My hair will be long enough again by next Halloween ...

Thanks for the pretty view. Dave only did muscles this week. And then told me that Mike's costume was just WRONG.

What beautiful scenery. I love the bike.

sigh...I must be getting old.

Hair sticks are cool but I usually use those to eat my stir fry with.

Wait. That's YOUR ass? Noice!

Cute hair sticks! Wish I knew how to use them...

Long before I started knitting, I went to an LYS in my MIL's hometown, where I discovered Brittany crochet hooks. The gal in the store told me she had a terrible time keeping the knitting needles in stock because all the local high school girls bought them up for hair sticks.

I love those hairsticks! Makes me wish I had long hair. :)

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