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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hee, those are, collectively, my favorite colors on this earth.

It's all very pretty. I say pink for spring/summer, purple for fall/winter. Embossed Leaves is a wonderful pattern, the NP would be lovely. And BTW, is there any food in the freezer?

What? No picture of the new glasses?

Yeah, what Carole said. How about just putting them on some yarn. Or the kitty? SOMETHING????

I adore the Embossed Leaves pattern. One of my most favorite knits. It'll look fabulous in that purple!

That is definitely yarn to find in the stash be excited about finding. This is an excellent entry into the contest.

When it thaws out, it will be pink.

At first glance I wondered what blog I was at - it's not pink!

nice! i wish i had that much yarn in my freezer stash. i wish i had a freezer stash!

Guess I've got to go stash diving tonight; what a fun contest idea! Thanks for the heads up.

Purty purples you've got there :)

It just means you are growing as a knitter.:p
I think they are gorgeous!

Love Jenifleur's comment. If those yarns don't happen to suit you, you could just remember li'l ol' purple-loving me. Just sayin'.

Ohhh, i am in shock over here. Who knew?! Here you had me believing all along that you were such a pink girly girl...now i know the truth!

That Black Pearl is fantastic!

I love the black purl color way. I was thinking of getting enough to do a shawl with sometime.

I'm with Jen... it does look like a frost bitten pink. :D


Excellent yarn and color choices. (Well, I would say that.)

Too funny. I just posted about my Big Mall Adventure, and then came here to read. :)

Beautiful! I agree with Jen - you should have some pink yarn by now...

Now there's a page from my color book! ;)

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