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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Ohhhh, I love fog, too. There is something mysterious and insulating about it. I was just telling my husband today that I'm a winter girl and when the weather closes us in, I start blooming.

Check and see if the cat has been doing any mass mailings. That would explain the stamps.

I adore fog. And winter scenes in paintings. I'm not sure what that says about our psychological wellbeing, but f*ck the rest of the world. We don't care. :P

Goodnight sweetheart leading to humming is a wonderful thing.

BTW, it's not photo-taking weather here today, so I'm not sure if I can get a photo of MY NEW SOCKS, but when I do, I'll send it for your gallery, k?

Autumn? Winter? I'm still not holding my breath. Not til I see snow. Dammit. And look at you all humming and girly. Rubbing it in? ;)

you have a sweetheart??
And you love fog? My stars.

Fog makes you happy? And you were humming about a man? Color me intrigued!

I'm so weepy right now that both the fog and the sweetheart have caused my eyes to water.

Beautiful fog! Do you think the cat took the stamps in revenge for those photos with the yarn and socks? Maybe this is just the start of her campaign. Be wary. Be very wary.

Cookie dear, we have fog nearly every morning on the pond, that's what you get when you live on an island. And we have lots of chocolate too. Please feel free to move in anytime. You can even bring the cat.

You know ... I was wondering about that postcard I got the other day. It had paw prints on it and was addressed to my turtles. I think they have finally figured out how to communicate! Oh, and my stamps are missing, too.

WINTER!!! YEAH! It makes my shriveled heart happy too. I'll take bundling up over "I live in the firey pit of hell and Satan is my neighbor". Sunny and cool is nice...you can keep your fog, it means icky barometer changes that the floppy doesn't like.

Norma doesn't understand. I've live out that way. Yeah. It's cold, but go through a couple of 120 summers. 70 starts to feel chilly.

I'm happy for your fog arrival. The arrival of cooler weather always lifts my spirits. I think some cat and its person may have a little to do with your lifted spirits, too. *g*

I love when the fog (or rain, I do rain) is so thick that you can't see across the street. Mmmmm...that's a hot chocolate and good book day.

i just wanted you to know how I am seething with bitter jealousy over your fog (stalks away mumbling about this damn dry heat)

Lovely fog...oh, it means cooler weather is on the way...this summer was too damn hot!

The cat swears the stamps went missing on their own...I asked.

I bet the cat has used the stamps to decorate the inside of her little liter box...does it have a hood on it like Luna's does? If so, then i'm sure of it!

Hey, if fog makes ya happy...more fog to ya! ;)

I'm so happy for you!! A little jealous too but more happy.

LOL!!! No, I meant I was jealous about your weather!!!



Fog is so very Casablanca...

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