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Sunday, October 21, 2007


What do you mean it's not all about me? :D Ok, I know, it's all about the ankle. Fine. Did the biscuits make it all better? I'm sorry the prett-in-the-skein yarn is giving you fits. That knitpicks is working up nice. Hmmmm. Must be the pattern ;)

Man, there is nothing worse than trying repeatedly to cast on for a new project only to repeatedly have to frog! Been there, done that... And you still have the moths?

I can sympathize. I'm barely getting my own knitting mojo back and it was a fight, let me tell you. And cranky! It was hard to get over! Maybe we need to find us some good ol' fashioned European Chocolate.

I can totally relate to cranky.And people thinking its all about them.I say screw em and bring on the alcohol.;)or chocolate.Whatever works for you.

Uh oh. It must be contagious. I'm frogging the sock I started last night.

Will antibiotics help?

Oh honey. I hope you're doing better now?

Ah, things are getting back into balance. You're on your way!

Thank God for best friends! The "blues" sock is looking fine. What is conspiring to give you the super-duper crankies??! Are those winds that Stacey is getting to know too well bothering you, too? I know I haven't been your reader for years but this is definitely the crankiest I've seen you.

I know of which you speak. I started the same hat three times last week. I'm quite sure on SOME planet a 20" hat will fit a 23" head but apparently not on Earth.

My answer to all of would be (has been, you might say) to stop knitting. Your answer is a better one: Just do it. (and bitch about it, of course.) Hee-hee. :)

You definitely found the cure for your failed sock mojo! That looks great!

Glad you found your sock mojo again - somehow you having trouble with socks just feels wrong. ;o)

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