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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I know what you mean about needing glasses to try on glasses. I always wear my contacts when I'm buyuing glasses, though then I can't tell if the glasses have been made correctly because when I put them on I can't see a thing. And those glasses may have been cheaper online, but I bet if you bought glasses online you would have picked something less flattering.

I used to always go for something kind of quiet and nonobtrusive in glasses, but last year I decided not to be so conservative. So I got purple plastic (I have had purple metal, don't think people noticed.) frames and I wore my glasses everywhere hoping someone would notice but no one said anything. Lesson learned: my glasses are either ugly or unflattering, or I was showing too much cleavage again and no one noticed them. ;-)

Aaaahhhh - pink!

I also have a hard time picking frames. Glad I don't worry about that anymore - but I am keeping my old glasses safe - I love those old frames.

Square is in... I like them!

Last time I went to pick out frames (and I understand about needing glasses to pick out glasses, yes I do), I unintentionally picked out the same frames I was wearing. Luckily, the prescriptions are just different enough so that I haven't confused them yet. I still wear the old for the computer, I forgot to tell the eye doc that I need the new ones made so that I can focus on middle distance. A lot.

My frames are a lot like yours, except mine are black. (I have a round face too.) I think yours looks great. :)

I have to go buy new glasses soon and I have the same problem. I'll have to bring my best friend, because my boyfriend is NO HELP when I ask him if something looks good. My current frames are pretty much just like yours, but a coppery brown. Not sure what I'll go with next.

I have this tiny pinhead where I nearly need kid glasses to fit properly- combined with my absolute blindness, glasses shopping is a nightmare. That, and I'm not one of those people who automatically looks better in glasses. Glad you found some that work out- they look good!

Now, just add a nose and a pair of googly eyes, and we'll know what you really look like. ;) Rowr.

That's usually my choice in frame shape. Yeah. Now, *why* did you have to go looking up your frame on the internets??? Feel good that you are supporting the local economy....I try to view it that way. *g* Nice pink yarn....and lots of it, eh? Plans for pink? Though yesterday's blues were nice.

I went with frames about that same shape last time. I'm overdue for an exam, but when i go...i will be keeping the same frames, i love them! I went bold with black frames though. ;)

I'm like you...can't see too much when trying frames on...Deb sort of helped me. Did you have a helper?

I just look for the color I want and go from there. Sure... when I'm so swamped I can't catch my breath, you post everyday. When I'm jonesing for a Cookie fix? No where to be found. :(

/big sigh

I think all frames should now be accompanied with soft wool in the color of your choice.

Yes, that is always the way. If you worry about that you'd never buy anything. And let's face it, you NEED glasses. I think they're cute so wear them in style.

That is such a lovely pink. I always thought that about picking out frames. I would need to find a good friend with good taste. I would think picking them out online would be really difficult, and perhaps a lot of hassle if there were a problem, but what do I know? Enjoy your stylin' new vision!

Frames are a bitch to pick out. I had lasik so I am free of regular glasses but in low light I need reading glasses for knitting and such. Even those stress me out

I'm the same exact way with frames, both in the "needing glasses to choose glasses" department, AND I never know what's really looking good on me.

I feel your pain, sister! I feel your pain.

My problem with glasses is my weird head. I really fit in men's glasses the best but the majority of them have that weird wire thingy above the nose which really lets everyone know. The best fitting pair I ever had said NBA on the side LOL

I like them! You've reminded me that I'm overdue for an eye check and a new pair.

That's why I bring family along. Don't you hate it when no one notices your new glasses? Since my old ones were somewhat mangled I figured SOMEONE would notice. But no. Guess they look "just right."

I'm always 2 (or one) inch from the mirror when trying on frames, not easy when you are short and the mirrors are always positioned for giants. Love your new frames.

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