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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Glad you managed to conquer the problems because it is just beautiful! I think an edging of some sort would only make it better, but it's not worth going nuts over.

It's beautiful - so glad you got it to stop smelling!

Smelly yarn is unfortunate. I just got some and am hoping that sitting out of its plastic bag will help.

Does your cat enjoy the dancing? Mine does not so I try to keep it to a minimum. The little dog's a better dancer anyway.

It's beautamous! I vote no on the edging - not a fan of edging in general because I like simple things, and in particualr, I like the pretty design of the shawl and the colors the way you have it. Simple, but pretty. Edging might be overkill. but that's all just one girl's opinion. :)

Yum. Just... yum.

I'm with Frances on this one. I like simple (except cables, maybe)and see no need to add an edging to this. It's very beautiful just the way it is. (that sounds like there should be an inspiring song coming on, doesn't it?)

I'm weird, I guess....I love silk smell. My best friend thinks I'm crazy because when we're out shopping I'll stop, say "I smell silk," and frantically hunt for the sweater that I smell (apparently she can't smell it).

Gorgeous shawl. I'm glad you got your issues resolved. Claudia is a true hero. I just love the names VLT has for their patterns. Really inspiring. Really. :-P

You know, my Charlotte's Web has a pretty simple, yet effectively dramatic, edging that would probably work. Just a thought. All that work to fail at finding a good edging would be a shame.

Hmmm. I think it's pretty.

That is beau-TI-ful! I'm an edging person, so I say find an edging from the book and put it on. It doesn't have to be the one that is supposed to go with it.

You are my knitting hero.
you are.

I agree -- it needs no additional edging. As for the size, I promise to stand in front of you if the knitting police come to take you away! Me and my turtles!

The shawl is lovely and looks pretty darn nice as it is..... but, I'm not yet a lace knitter so I don't know edging possibilities. What is the translation for VLT? :-)

I wouldn't change a thing. It looks happy. Rock Chick once suggested a cure for really stinky yarn: put it in a bin with baking soda cat litter for a few days and let that absorb the odor. It's not advised to allow cats access to this bin during this process, in case you're wondering.

The Shoulder Shawl may be just right without adding an edging. I do love looking at it.

I'm late to the party on this but is your shawl regular silk or is it the sea cell silk? I have read comments that it has a scent but I didn't know that regular silk did too (assuming that's what you have there). In any case it is so beautiful and worth the wait to get the scent out. I love the color combination and I think with the variegated yarn and the main pattern that the plain border is best for showing those off.

You don't like the smell of silk? Oh my God, I LOVE IT.

Absolutely beautiful! I can handle the smell of silk - it's the feel of it that I don't like so much. Mostly the feel of it in the hank when it rubs against itself and the sound and feel of it remind me of when Amber whats-her-name used to run her fingernails down the chalkboard just to watch me freak the hell out. *shudder*

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