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Saturday, October 27, 2007


We have rain and cold. Ugh.

There's a world outside? :D I get so busy that I forget it's time for the sunrise or sunset - especially with it getting dark so early. If the smoke clears, I'll be outside with you. Walking probably... you know to avoid the boredom.

It's still been hot here. I am wishing for some rain and cold myself!

Mmm, pretty sky.

We have rain and a bit of wind. I'm loving it.

Gorgeous sky. I've been noticing some spectacular sunsets the past week and wondered if it had anything to do with the Ca fires. I know we're pretty far away but that stuff travels up there in the highosphere pretty quickly.

Another day of prairie winds today. Very blustery.

ooo pretty! It's raining here. Hard. So hard, in fact, that I lost my internet connection for a little while (yay living in the middle of nowhere and needing satellite for high speed).

Gorgeous sky. As usual we have a blue sky. It's really pretty, but day after day of it kind of wears the charm off.

Yes, very pretty sky and I like the tree outlines against it. Have fun outside!

I hope you had a good day girly.

What a wonderful reminder.

Beautiful! Hope you enjoyed the day.

THe DH and I were driving home through the sunset last night and it was breathtaking. And the best thing about it? It was actual clouds and not smoke! Here's to gazing up every once in a while!

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