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Sunday, September 23, 2007


What a pretty lineup! 27 pairs of socks is pretty amazing!

I am in awe.

I bow down to the sock knitting QUEEN!!! (I still think you should have won)

Dude. That's a lot of socks.

Very very nice!

wooo wee! You did good!!!

holy smokes thats a lot of socks.... Total awe of your sock knitting prowess ;)


Someone made more than you? I didn't realize you were in a contest. I thought the sock knitting gene was just really really strong.

Wow. I'm impressed! :)

That is such a major accomplishment in knitdom! Congratulations.
Hey, does it ever get cold enough in your part of the world to actually wear them?

Very pretty! Are you feeling lost now that you don't have to knit socks?

Wowza. I am totally impressed. Will you come organize my life please? :)

Wow! Kudos to you, they're great!

I love the sock photo. I do like photos of colorful, similar objects and I like the way you cropped the photo to focus on the socks. I do detect a color trend. :-) Thanks for sharing your summer of socks on the blog, it has been fun and interesting.

You are one sock knitting machine!! Good work and they are all beautiful.

I couldn't blame you if you were unable to remember your own name. That is a lovely sight!

Gorgeous socks! You did well - but, didn't you actually knit more than 27 pair???? I thought there were some give aways ...

that's totally impressive. I can't believe it, there's a lot more that are lacking pink than i thought there was!

Awesome job!

That's an impressive photo! A nice variety of color, too.

Holy crap, I can't believe you made that many pairs of socks...you are simply amazing!

wow. Just WOW!

Count me in as both impressed and completely oblivious to the contest.

And that's not all of them, is it? Didn't you give some away? I'm guessing you are glad that it is finally Fall!

Congratulations! I can't believe you came in second, and that someone actually knit more socks than you. What a beautiful line-up! It would be cool to see another pic, with them lined up by color spectrum. Just an idea. As if you have time for that.

Amazing!I haven't knit 27 pairs of socks in my life much less 3 months.You rock girl!

Wowzahs. Them be lots of socks. And all so pretty!

I finished one pair of socks over the summer. *One*. How embarraskin.

Do you like pink? :)

My goodness. You should be proud of all that! I wouldn't be able to keep track either!

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