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Sunday, September 09, 2007


They're WONDERFUL!! Pair 31? I must try this pattern with the Anne from hell. Or just send it to you and let it mock you.

The whole cuter in person thing... yep! Nothing like sucky cameras washing out any sense of cuteness. However, if we're talking personality wise, I have run into some dooooozies!

I hate when the yarn cops an attitude about what it wants to be...

You forgot to add bloglines in your post. :) It just showed up! Freaks.

Saffron: what better person to deal with a bad attitude yarn than Cookie?

I love them! Way to wrangle that yarn into submission!

Wow, do those socks look great, or what! The yarn knew what it was doing and so did you. :-)


Wow, those are bright. And VERY cool looking socks. (Can I use the word cool in relations to wool in the summer???)

I really like that pattern. I must add it to the queue. I think my queue is so long I would have to live to 123 in order to knit everything.

Why not?

Cute! I was starting to worry. There hadn't been a new sock in days! ;)

I am applauding the socks. The color. The pattern. That they are for YOU! :) They are lovely. For a lovey.
I must get to bed. I'm getting all mushy.

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