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Thursday, September 27, 2007


You know, my apartment is in the basement of an old house. I consider myself:
a. very lucky
b. living on the edge

Overreacting is an art form.

*Everyone* is hormonally challenged this week, or something. I attribute my personal craziness to the change of seasons and the fact that it's still hot as hell anyway.

As I understand it, the moths that live in cereal boxes don't eat clothes. Still, you're wise not to take any chances.

I hope Lucia is right and my research says this as well because we had an invasion of the cereal moths this week. Damn critters.

Cereal moths and yarn moths are both icky. I've had both, but luckily the yarn moths only got one of my good blazers, and not my yarn.

The odd thing is that this was years ago, I took the blazer to the drycleaner, who had someone invisibly re-weave it (and I mean invisibly -- I can't find that hole anymore at all), and recently I noticed that the very same blazer had been attacked again. It's my only blazer that has been molested by moths. One or two sweaters in the closet, but no other blazer. And there were a number of them, since I had to dress up nice for work every day way back when. Weird, huh?

We are still trying to find the hiding spot of our grain moths from a month ago. Had to throw out a tin of tea a few days ago. My stash wipe out was due to a bug of another type but if I had any wool moths, they should be dead now after the remaining stash was tossed about in the dryer on high for 45 minutes. Yup, I feel your pain.

I hope it is overreacting. My nerves are on edge just thinking about it.

Supposedly you don't really SEE wool moths. That's the trouble with them. Well, that and the fact that they eat wool. I have gazillions of moths and there's not a damn thing I can do about it, so I choose to believe that they're all some harmless light-circling type of moth that only eats...acrylic?? I also choose to believe that every mealworm beetle I see is not a carpet beetle. It's glass half-full this week for me, apparently.

I don't know of a single day I haven't had moths in the house. I doubt they are wool moths, though, because nothing has gotten eaten so far.

The cat thinks they are toys.

I think the Harvest Moon is having some kind of impact, moths or not. Wednesday was a minor melt-down day for me at work.
Moths! Eeek. I would definitely be worshiping the Big Freezer.

Um, how many bags? :-D

Hey, a moth is a moth. It's invaded the house, it must go!

But they're just little fuzzy pretty things. You know. That wreak havoc on wool.

I love moths. When they stay outside.

Annihilate the litte bastards!

Eep! I would totally do the same thing. Only my little 5 cu. ft. freezer is too full of food right now to use for yarn... Gotta work on that. ;)

Maybe I was lied to, but the last time I was interrogating a guy at the hardware store about moth riddance, he said there are two kinds: grain eating - the ones that get your cereal and crackers , and wool eating- the ones that...you know.
I don't want either around but its alot easier to chuck the crackers than...you know. I hope yours are ALL dead.

Ack! Moths! Kill'em all!

I never know if they're wool moths or not, i just kill 'em all. Aren't i mean?

I guess there's always more then one way to get your closet cleaned out. Do i need to send Tim Gunn over for a style makeover? LOL!

You have made me tired. Feels good to kill the buggers, huh? And a clean closet to boot? But a hug for you, cuz that has to help.

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