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Monday, September 24, 2007


A little EC love is coming my way soon, too. Yay for cooler weather, yay for shawls! ;-)

Thanks for linking to Joan's post. Very thoughtful and interesting. And a purple Tangled Yoke Cardi! Sigh.

Oh, I'm not going to go into hiding, I never even made it back to bed after this morning's rant.
Lovely shawl in the works - remember you have to knit 19 repeats to get the next chart to match up stitch count wise.
Do you have Evelyn Clark's new book? I need to get through sewing for that wedding before I start a new shawl.
Thanks, as always, for being you. Hope you're blushing now.

It's a good thing you can wear socks during the day, now that you have so many pairs!

Socks at night? I'm jealous! Seriously now, swallowtail is looking good! How big is it right now?

Cranky, eh? Is Wisconsin far enough away to see the fireworks but not feel the flame? :-D

Thanks for sending me over to Joan. I usually go visit but today I visited earlier. Dial up, bah.

Lace shawl...mmmmmmmm! I love cooler weather for sleeping...I think I sleep deeper this time of year.

The shawl looks great! I'm trying to get my paws on the new EC book. MY LYSO is going to hold a copy for me. Lace knitting rocks.

I know how soft that Misti Alpaca yarn is. Yum!

That is going to be such a warm, beautiful shawl. Thanks for directing us to Joan's post. wow.

Does your muscle memory have you trying to turn a heel on your shawl? :)

Funny, you don't sound cranky.

Thanks for the link to Joan's blog; what a great post!

For a variety of reasons, Joan's post resonated loudly with me. I gave her a standing ovation.

It's rainy, damp and cool today. I'm ready to get out the UFOs I put away in the spring.

And all the socks I knit last winter.

And hey...I can feel the love from here. Thanks.

Looking good! I'll be interested to see your mods. I'm planning on making this bigger too when I get around to knitting it.

Please don't talk football. My fantasy team lost AGAIN and my Bills, well... let's just not go there... :'(

Ya, I don't think you sound cranky either. I don't like that 49er bitchslap talk, but I'm getting over that. The shawl is pretty and the color would like fabulous on me.

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