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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Very pretty. And they're pink! What a surprise.

There we go....more pinks. Whew! I was so worried. ;)

Boldly going to Nuppville, where I refuse to venture. 'Cause, you know, I'm chickensh*t.

Nupp, nupp, nupp ... having fun yet?

pretty yarn ... is there anything to knit besides socks? if you discover anything else, let me know - I am stufck on socks 9and purses) ... but i hear other peopel knit things that aren't socks 9or purses). Interesting, eh?

I am loving the Middle Kingdom Fibre website ... loving it! Payday is tomorrow and I may deserve a fibre treat for me!

Lovely pink prizes! Gosh, they both look great, though lately I've been coveting stitch markers...for what, heaven knows. :-) Good luck with the nupps.

Woo, nice contest winnings! And gee, how strange that they should just coincidentally be pink! ;3

Very nice prizes!

Schweeeeet! It looks so soft and wonderful. I bet that would feel great knit up and on your feet. Mmmmmm. I'll even bet it would look prettier balled up. I wonder if the different shades stripe, flash or blend. So when you get back to socks, please let us know :)


Great winnings! Nupps? I'm Nupp ignorant... (go ahead, say it;-)

Thanks for the Nupps explanation. Better you than I!

Love the stitch markers. Good luck with the nupps!

Now there's something I don't mind be accused of! ;) Glad you liked your prize. You definitely deserved it!

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