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Sunday, September 02, 2007


Now they look green! That's the pretty green that I got in his silk. I LOVE celery or celedon or what ever they are calling these days. And look at the wisdom you imparted! You even made a pattern without having to write out all of the crap that everyone knows. After SOS, and all of the socks you knit - you should write a sock knitting humor design book!


Oh, and I'll send you your $10 as soon as I get to the post office. :D

Thanks for the pattern although I don't see how you can pick green over yellow.

And no, I haven't knitted pink socks yet.

Ohh, pretty! I love that pale green - it looks so nice with your pattern. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Very nice! And what shoe size would you say this sock fits?

Okay, I've printed this baby off and now you're going to make me work to find a short row heel to copy. *le sigh* :-) Actually, I think you referenced a pattern earlier this summer with a short-row heel. I'll go find it.

Thanks for the pattern! They look really cute.

I'm with Stacey. Book!

Thanks for the recipe. Maybe I will resist the call to bake and knit these instead.

Don't forget to post the pattern on Ravelry!!!


Ah ... now I see the green. The socks looked white until I read the comments and adjusted my screen. Cute. Maybe my next pair ...

They are terrific. Nice job on the recipe. :-)

Oh, those look even yummier in the solid colored yarn so that you can see the details. And that's a lovely color. . . what's up with CCM being closed? Now I shall have to guard my last skein of Dave yarn (I think I only have one left.) with my life!

I'll have to get some solid colored yarn and try this out! Thanks for the pattern. I hope you had a nice holiday.

Heh heh, I take a few days off from the internet, and look at all the fun I've missed. And, contrary to the current rumors about the Cabin Cove Mercantile being closed, it's only temporary. it'll be reopened before the end of the week. Or, when Stacey says I can reopen it.
Adorable socks. :)

I think they look great and I love knitting little cables like that. Once my current monkey is done, maybe this one... :)

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