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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Socks? Well, I never...

Monkeys' work with yarn that has lots of colors, not just two or three. Mixed up crazy all over the place colors work best.

Wait til you see what ended up happening with my current Monkey yarn. I'll try to get a photo up later tonight - it's downright horrifying. And yet, I still love it. In a twisted brainwashed way.

The poppy yarn is drop dead gergeous (and very not pink ... are you feeling ok? ;>)

to break up the pooling ... would Bgraodripple work? or maybe a Jaywalker? seems like anything that has the zig zags will defy the pooling somewhat. (ooohhh or what about sidewinders? I have wanted to knit that one ... but am scared - if you did it, I might be brave enough to try it)


The pattern I am referring to is "Broadripple" ... man I need to teach the dogs to type for me

yay, pink socks! I agree with the jaywalker suggestion - for some reason that pattern seems to work well with two-colored yarn. Although sidewinders do intrigue me- can't decide if I like them or not though.
I am going to try knitting monkeys in Urban Gypz's twisted curry with raisins. I fully anticipate several attempts. :)

I can't believe you knit with Tofutsies yarn. That stuff drives me insane. Well it did for the five minutes it was on the needles. From there it was a straight shot into the garbage can. My apartment is a splitty yarn free zone.

Mmm, pink socks. Definitely worth blogging about because being angry can be exhausting. Socks are warm and snuggly and not exhausting ever. ^^

I made 1 pair of Monkeys and I am in the process of making another. With the first pair, I used ShiBuiKnits and in this second I am using Cherry Tree Hill. I think the pattern will look great with either:
1. long color repetitions so that 1 entire pattern repeat is in one color and the next in another.
2. with variegated yarns that have little spots here and there of different color. If the color reps are medium or 1 or 2 rows long it may not be the best.
3. solid yarns (of course ;) ).

And I am glad that you blogged today about the socks ;).

I think I am going to cast on for a pair of pink monkeys for myself...but there is no time to knit them. I wish I had a cat that knitted.

I'm just as shocked as Margene that you knit a pair of socks. What is this world coming to?

pssst... I'm taking my special shrimp yarn with me this weekend! I'm really excited to try it out!

I love the shrimpy yarn.I haven't made any monkeys yet.I know-probably the last person on earth..
I love Cider Moon's Campfire socks.They don't pool at all.They even have a toe up version now. http://cidermoon.com/CM0120.pdf

Oh please....we know you'll be showing off some more socks. I bow to your abilities!

Pink socks. How shocking! You've got me itching to dig out my pink yarn ...

I like a basic stockinette sock for Claudia Handpaint.

Another great pair of socks. Are you getting sick of hearing that yet? Maybe you should knit a crappy pair so we don't have to feel like a broken record ;-)

I have two friends that have knit monkeys in the poppy yarn and they look awesome. But since you don't like it, how about RPM?

And LaVerna, I haven't knit monkeys either. I'm not against it, I just think I might have broken the sock making part in my brain. No socks for me. :(

How about changing the stitch count or needle size a little?

Ah. I finally get it. The cat knits for you. That makes sense now. The shrimp yarn. The cat knitting.
Shrimp yarn. Sounds so...dinner like!!
Loving your socks. And did your ankles get small? Didn't you say that you had bigger ankles before? And those ankles are wonderfully svelte and trim and sexy like. If I were into those kind of ankles. Which I am not. Just so we draw the line somewhere!

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