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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Those are some wild socks - I LOVE them!

It's almost Friday! (don't make me break out into song!)
don't we all wish we could be more like CAP, or at least have a bf just like that? I swear, she has an uncanny knack of being able to say things the rest of us keep locked in the closet!
I don't know if you've seen this blog yet, but if not, check out monkeemaker.blogspot.com. Hopefully that should amuse you until it actually is Friday. I recently found it and was riveted. I am currently trying to win the pink monkey, but am afraid I have not come up with anything terribly witty.

Almost Friday!

It's frightening that when you say 'less snotty cat', you mean that literally ... oh ... and I love the stripi-pooliness of those sock! :)

I just love, love, love these socks! xx

Those socks are too cool!!!! Oh, I want those socks!!!

Oops...glad kitty is better!!!

But ... do you have a burning desire to be smothered?


I'm lovin' those socks! Well done on getting that spiral to work on the foot.
It is almost Friday.

I love the way that yarn has pooled in those socks..So pretty!

These are REALLY pretty, Cookie! :)

That yarn is pretty. Well, except for the pink. Cause pink is evil. It gets into your brain and takes over like a blood sucking armadildo.

Blame Dave. He got me started.

ACK!!!! Yeah, I saw that.


OMG! That is truly some vintage yarn!!! So funny. Go Lobos!

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