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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yeah, you'd think that whole waking up beside the same woman every morning thing would be a dead giveaway that you're married. Apparently this is not the case.

I sometimes forget my age, but for the last two months, I've managed to remember my marital status! I've met men who can't remember theirs though, and it's always astounding.

I got a really fantastic package in the mail today...THANK YOU! xx

Wow, only one ball of the essential. That kicks ass! I love that you made the heel/toe area contrasting. That was a fun idea...even if men do suck.

Ok, I forget things on a daily basis. Yes things. Plural. But the fact that I have someone I am committed to has NEVER fallen from my mind. As much as I wish it would sometimes. It just hasn't.
People suck. Stick to cats. And plants. And inanimate objects.

I love the combination. I've done solid heels/toes, but I like the multi H/T and solid foot, You've inspired me! Yes, men suck, but there ARE women who forget such things as well, the grass is always greener syndrome perhaps.

Well, when you encounter those men who forget they're married, you can forget that murder by knitting needles is wrong. I'm pretty sure the jury would forget to convict you.
CUTE socks.

I was just talking to a friend yesterday who thinks that "if it FEELS right, it has to be". Meaning, she's looking for an excuse to have another relationship in addition to her marriage. She has lots of wonderful excuses for why it's probably okay to do this. She hasn't exactly forgotten she's married, just the definition of the word "marriage". She's not speaking to me now because I don't agree with her. Which, now that I think about it, that might work out fine for me.

P.S. I like pink socks!

Those are awesome! I wish I enjoyed knitting socks....

I have some of the KP Essential in Petunia and knit a pair of socks and was really surprised at what I had left. I thought it was just the pattern I had used, but reading your experience makes me think a bit more about this. It was my first experience with Essential. Maybe those other skeins I have will go further than I thought.

I think Wednesday should be designated knit blogger cranky day and we can just rant about what makes us cranky. I guess WTF Wednesday kind of covers that but I'd just like to list things out on Wednesday (and men who forget they are married would be on my cranky list too - bastards...)

I really like the socks, especially these Pink ones which are nothing like the other pinK ones, or the PINK ones.

Regarding the WTF Wednesday topic...drop-kick comes to mind. Jerks.

These are very cute, I really like pink :)

Hunny, spend 3 seconds on the Net, you won't find a married man who remembers that fact anywhere. God, I detest cheaters, it's just so selfish and cowardly.

pretty socks, and Dave has it right, people do suck - except everyone who comes here and leaves you love of course :)

Aaand Bloglines drops the ball and I don't see this till today.

Oh well, It's Piss Off Thursday to me so yeah. Men who forget they're married suck. My dad can be like that sometimes. He forgets he has children and a familial obligation to Be There. He has admitted frequently to me that he prefers work because it gets him away from the family. Thanks dad, that's so reassuring and encouraging and shit. I'll be over here thanking my lucky stars that I may wind up an eternal virgin but at least I'll never be married to an asshole.

I've forgotten a whole lot of stuff, but never that I was married. I know a guy who does forget that he's married, and it's been a real test to remain friends with him.

Wow! How'd I miss this post. My brain has sneaked out again. Have you seen it?

The subs you lost? It was all the married guys that had been stalking you. :)

I'm still behind on my subs, so just getting to these-

1. Glad The Ruler of Your House is feeling better :)
2. Holy Shit That's Pink should be a bona fide sock color name.
3. Of course men forget they're married. That's the REAL reason we make them wear wedding rings- women get two rings just because we like 'em, and because we put up with the men.

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