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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I think I'll send you my old cassette of Don't Worry,Be Happy...LOL!Now just try and get that song out of your head...
Geek kicking wouldn't be much of a sport.Kinda like shooting fish in a barrel but it might be alot of fun!

Oh, that whole forwarding thing is a crapfest. And I think it's mostly folks that are new to the internet. Believe me, by the time YOU see it, I saw it years ago. it wasn't funny/insightful/thoughtful then, and it sure as hell ain't now. And those "thinking of you" things? If you were thinking of me, the YOU should have thought to write/call/visit, instead of waiting for some old email crap to fall into your lap.
YOU is not meaning you, it's the grand you, as in them.

Gripe away! Does the scarf yarn have an odd odor that the cat is reacting to?

Hope you feel less cranky soon -- but go drop kick the geek before the crankiness wears off. It is so much less satisfying when you are in a good mood. *g*

Yeah, I hate all that stuff, too...but I want to know, if you didn't blog angry, when would you blog? ;-)

I think geek kicking would be a sport. That way, you could claim it as exercise and for mental clarity- a twofer! And what did the scarf do to the kitty? Perhaps the yarn content was not up to her satisfaction?

*needles crossed* :)

I agree with Dave - people who forward that crap haven't had email for 15 years like I have. And yes, cranky is going around.

If you visit Mountain View and don't crawl with me, there's going to be a problem.

I know for a FACT you will get something in the mail.

*whistles and looks the other way*


Ah, I would go to California and do a yarn crawl...and I'll even participate in some geek kicking fest.

I'll cross my needles for you.

I've gotten a few forwards. If it's the rare sort, I read it, thank the person and delete the email. If it gets to be a trend, I delete without even looking. It's internet diarrhea.

As for crankiness, I could make you a cranky music mix if you'd like. I've been listening to a lot of it and it's rather therapeutic. ;)

I have on my shit-kickers RIGHT NOW. I'm ready. When we leavin'?

I could also just say "ditto" to all of Dave's comment.

I'm back. I just started giggling as Margene's comment sunk in.

Reminds me of a colleague I had at the BBC. She was the WORLD'S WORST BEEYOTCH. One day we were talking about PMS (which they call PMT for premenstrual tension. yeah, TENSION, all right.)

Anyhoo, we were all complaining about our PMS/T, and The One Who Is Always Bitchy said, "I don't get PMT."

We were all speechless.

I don't remember if it was I or someone else who said, "No, you're ALWAYS a bitch."

Don't get me started on all those forwarded e-mails; especially the ones that tell me how special I am (from co-workers I never see outside of work?!) and they're forwarded to me and EVERYONE else in their address book; yeah, that makes me feel special!

oy the cranky seems to be everywhere... geek kicking sounds like fun you name the time and place maybe I can bring some of my geeks too (it could then be a competitive sport);)hugs and fingers crossed that the happy comes soon

Yarn crawl! I'm all for it.

Um, what's the rotten stuff going on for 2.5 weeks to cause the bumpy blogging? I'll just strap in firmly. :-) Happy geek kicking...

**Calling Betty Ford...**

So those cute pictures of kittens and babies doing amusing things aren't hitting your funny spot? Hmmm...let me forward you something to pick you right up.

I'll go to mountain view only if we get to go to purlescence afterwards, and for margaritas right after that...

it's a little far, but I've been there about 12 times at this point anyway for business ;)

Is he a google geek?

So, who bitched about their finances in who's comments?

Ok, so I'm 10

And I was just getting ready to forward you an e-mail full of those cute Anne Geddes baby pictures... :)

I always thought of crankiness as an art form. I'm working on becoming a master in the field.

The forwarding must stop. Honestly, I think I'd rather have spam. At least that comes from some anonymous asshole. The forwarding comes from people who allegedly care about me.

Cranky IS going around...think it's a combination of the heat and rain!!

Betty Ford Wing for sock knitters - hey, I'm there! Just think we could just sit and knit and knit some more. They would dare bother us - cause we have "pointy sticks" in our hands. But, then and again maybe a week at the beach (or insert your own special place) - would be more fun and whole lot less expensive - which would leave more money to buy sock yarn!!! Oops....

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